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Nov 10, 2009
SO I got my second Droid and it's having this problem down here. The LED from the buttons at the bottom is shining onto the screen! But only the left side of the phone does this. Does yours do this too? Bugs the living out of me.



Do you see what I mean? The girl at the Verizon store kept trying to tell me that there's nothing there and told me there's nothing they can do for me. Stupid Cerritos Town Center Verizon. Never going back there.
Mine does. It bugs the hell out of me. I went by Verizon and they gave me some "we'll email tech support and see if it's a known issue and call/email you back" line. They never called or emailed, so it was pretty clearly a blowoff. I'm still debating if it bothers me enough to go back...otherwise I absolutely love this phone.
Mine does the same thing, but only when I tilt it toward me. I would've never noticed it if I didn't read this. If I tilt it enough, I can see it leaking light on both sides. I don't think its an issue though...
My g/f's droid is like this and mine is not. She isn't as picky as we are though and probably doesn't notice it. But I noticed it right away. I'm not about to mention it to her either since only if I say something will it become a proble
Thanks I'm gonna try to get it replaced.

Tip - If you're ever in the Cerritos, CA area, DO NOT go to the Verizon store in Cerritos Towne Center. They have the worst customer service I've seen by far. Trust me, drive the extra mile and go someplace else.
Yeah, I don't mind seeing the light symmetrically when I tilt the's seeing it asymmetrically (seeping through the right side in my case) even at a dead-on viewing angle that bothers me. The reps in the store tried to downplay it and looked at the screen only in bright light, when the effect is barely apparent. They were supposed to email me more technical info, but did not...

I guess I should just walk in and ask what I need to do to return/exchange it? Left to them, it seems that they'll tell me they need to find out whether it's a qualified/known technical issue, in which case it's "covered" in their exchange policy. But I'm pretty sure I can still take the phone back for *any* reason, so maybe I just need to do that and go repurchase after the firmware update.

Verizon fail! :mad: