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Droid 1 + Dock + More!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by zoomy942, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. zoomy942

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    After several things happening lately, I'm no longer in need of my OG Droid. I'm obviously looking to sell her and I'm open to reasonable offers. I added a pic and I will list items it comes with below.

    The phone works great, has a custom recovery. The only nick in the screen in in the black bezel part NOT in the viewable area.

    OG Droid + charger
    New OEM battery
    Sedio HUGE extended battery/ Cover
    Multimedia dock
    Car Charger
    Bluetooth headset
    Wired headphones

    I have used it to run GPA 16 and 17 and it's always worked fine. It even ran at 1000 mhz standard voltage and 800 low voltage, when I was testing out those roms.

    It has a clean ESN and everything, nothing shady going on there.

    I have ebay feedback and I'm a moderator over at nvnews.net

    I'd say $75 to start? For all of it?


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  2. dejo

    dejo Lurker

    dibs and payment sent. thanks
  3. dejo

    dejo Lurker

    dibs and payment sent. thanks
  4. zoomy942

    zoomy942 Member
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