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Droid just dropped my email...anybody else?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drew3739, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. drew3739

    drew3739 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I had Exchange and Yahoo both set up on my droid for about 1 month now. Working fine. Today I noticed my phone hadnt gone off with emails so I pressed the email icon and gone. It was back at the setup wizard. It just up and dropped both my yahoo and exchange. They both set back up just fine but strange nonetheless.

    anybody else?

  2. eclipsed4utoo

    eclipsed4utoo Android Enthusiast

    I would take a look at the apps that you have installed recently.
  3. teschoen

    teschoen Well-Known Member

    I had that happen with my exchange. I don't sync yahoo so not sure about that. I wrote it up to the fact that Exchange was having issues but I'm not so sure.

    I didn't lose GMail at the time so.....
  4. drew3739

    drew3739 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok this is happening more and more often. It seems like it happens more when my phone dies. Like if I let it actually die and plug it back in to charge after a minute or two it's gone again. I have to actually reconfigure it all. It has done it once without actually dieing when I pulled the battery to pull the sd card.

    There are plenty of others going through this.

    Motorola Droid users experiencing email deletion bug - TechSpot News

    Is your DROID deleting your email? (Phone Arena News)

    Also just so we are clear this isnt a problem of it deleting certain emails or all emails, it is deleting the WHOLE account. I see alot of people posting on forums about configuring settings to not delete emails. This is the whole account so you basically have to go in and reconfigure it.
  5. mikedageek

    mikedageek Lurker

    I lost my Exchange and Hotmail accounts under 2.0 .... and I have now lost it under 2.1 ... never lost them under 2.01 ... I have a co-worker complaining of the same
  6. gimmeanathlon

    gimmeanathlon Member

    Using exchange, gmail, and a few other accounts. Still going strong.
    Perhaps checking new apps?
    Good luck.
  7. mully

    mully Member

    I lost exchange the other day, but Gmail wasstill working. I had to redo the entire setup. I haven't downloaded any apps recently. I don't know why it happened.
  8. clozer

    clozer Lurker

    I was having the same problem. I wouldnt get email unless I forced it to check. I downloaded K9 and the problem has seemed to go away. The stock email program on this phone seems to have some real issues. I searched the threads and several are moving to K9. You can find it in the marketplace.

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