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eBay & TouchPal X Keyboard: What Are They Thinking?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by larrytxeast, Oct 3, 2014.

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    Moral of this story: make APK files of your apps and keep them, because the most updated version of an app sometimes is an awful dumbing down of the previous version.

    eBay--the version as of sometime after September 2014, it's awful. The "Description" button for seeing details of a particular item--gone. Ditto the "show similar items" button, I've heard some say. Also, its alerts are much slower to go off, and when showing "purchase history" & other similar listings, the photo thumbnails now are so huge you can only see about 3 listings per page on a 4" screen (LG Optimus F3 on Virgin Mobile) vs 7 listings or so previously.

    I went back to the previous version ( via the APK files (generated by File Expert) and it's much better.

    TouchPal X keyboard--I like the "clipboard" view on this, you press the button for it and you get the 4-way arrow keys and also keys like "select all, del, home, end" so you can edit and highlight text much easier. I use these ALL the time for quick text navigation & selection, especially "home" and "end" because after pressing "select" it's much easier to do that than the hold down the arrow key and wait, and then it's typically a bit off and you have to fine tune it. Instead, you press "home" or "end" after pressing "select"--you're done. It sure beats the heck out of trying to drag a "balloon pointer" or whatever.

    On the newer version, again, sometime after September apparently, there are "dead keys" where many of those were. "Select all" remains, but "Del, Home, End" are all gone. The worst part is how they didn't put other keys in their places, there are simply "dead zones" of "dummy keys" where those functions used to be.


    (Again, thank goodness I had the APK from the previous version and was able to painlessly revert back.)

    What are these people smoking, to take away features like this?

    I mean, if I were to (say) buy another phone (pondering the LG Volt), it's going to be the most natural thing in the world that, on such a phone, I'm apt to start with a "clean slate" and go to the Play Store for apps. You figure the most recent version is the most secure and bug-free, for one thing. You don't bet on them making an app worse, and MUCH worse at that, as they have with both of these.

    What is up with these app writers?

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