Nov 26, 2009
I would like to replace my samsung p3 with my droid as my main personal audio device. Only thing holding me back is the fact that the samsung has DNSE (best eq I have found) and the droid has no eq at all. Are there any apps out there or coming soon for audiophiles to use their droids as a music player without being driven nuts by crap sound? I use lossless formats and shure monitors... so this is a dealbreaker.
I hope this would be included in the software update that is coming. The flat EQ on the stock player does no justice to sound quality for playback.
Does anyone have any info on this?
i cant find anything in the market about a equalizer. I look at least once a week.

i love my droid, but the the treble on the droid is too high by default, and flat, which my ears are already sensitive enough, so it keeps me from using it much for music.

Anyone know?
What we need is something like Dolby mobile, which some of the more lame phones out there have, but ours droids don't. Go figure.
Honestly, if it were a perfect world what we would want to be able to install Samsung's DNSe 3.0 on our droids. It the best sounding EQ out there, and it already has a touchscreen interface, for the Samsung P3 (which I own).

Is there any way to emulate a player like the P3? Is this even possible?