Eris totaled - Verizon warranty


My Eris fell out of my pocket last night and the screen is totaled. I have insurance through Verizon. Does anyone know what phone I will receive as a replacement?


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Lets see, I think your insurance deductible is like 90 bucks. I went to the VZ site to see how much my Eris is wort on a trade in...20bucks!! I guess I would call the insurance, or see about a different model on CL or eBay or local. I personally wont put another dime into my Eris, which was obsolete 3 weeks after the VZ store sold it to me. I'd find another phone.




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If by insurance you mean you have a contract with Assurion, I believe that you will most likely get a refurbished Eris. If they are out of those, they may offer you another model, probably refurbished. The only way to find out is to call or make a claim online (I like calling myself, actually. Though, thankfully, I haven't had to do so for a while now.)