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Error 98 after recent update..anyone get this?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gixxer_751, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Member
    Thread Starter

    Updated firmware a couple days ago & now notice while on a call, an error box code 98 comes out, the phone still works normally while on the call but have to click ok on the error box in order to hang up. Any info?

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  2. I am having the same issue(s) plus a few more. As I am not a subscriber to the Muve feature, I wish I had not installed this firmware update. It seemed to have improved performance somewhat, but not enough to justify the headache that comes along with this complete bs update.

    Sometimes I dont receive calls/sms/mms at all. Sometimes a battery pull works, sometimes not. Never does a reset work with fastboot on, sometimes it does without.

    If anyone has an answer to this problem, please, there are people growing in numbers that would greatly appriciate any available knowledge to be shared.
  3. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Member

    Seems to be issues with this Muve update than BEFORE... SMH. I haven't done it (nor will I) since I'm rooted...is this the only problem? Have you guys tried *228?
  4. Just tried 228. I'm not rooted (yet) so i want to fix this issue asap. My only problem is i don't know ether or not this is a cricket complaint or Huawei.
  5. OK, well in order to prevent embarassing myself by displaying the amount of anger that I have due to this wonderful* update, I will spare the recap of my conversation ( or lack thereof ) with Cricket Tech Support. Im sure you all can figure out where that was going anyway.

    We all know the cause of the ERROR 98 by now, the Muve music firmware update. If you have already done the update, please accept my most sincere condolences and continue reading. If you have NOT done the update, DONT DO IT, and continue reading.

    As per other members of this and other forums, I have tried multiple fixes i.e. reset, power cycle, cold battery pull etc... sometimes some of these would work, sometimes not. While I still cant figure out how to fix this completely, I have found a way to temporarily resolve the issue.

    When I get this error, it seems to effect mostly MMS. What I have found works is to do a battery pull while the phone is on. Let it sit for a few, then reinstall the battery. Upon rebooting I turned off wifi and it seems to be working, atleast for the moment. I highly doubt this is a perm fix, as I am sure that I am not the only one having this problem and others have tried it, but unfortunately it is something that might work for some of us until either cricket or huawei release a patch or another firmware update to correct the pestilence and disease that is the muve music firmware update.

    Thanks for listening to my rant, I hope its useful to someone else, and if anyone else finds anymore info, for the love of (insert your choice of theological beings ((or lack there of for the atheists in the room)) here), please by all means, pass on the knowledge.

    United we stand, together we get disconnected.

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  6. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    What type of mms problems are most people having?

    Ever since I downloaded the Muve upgrade haven't had any of the problems you guys are talking about...I think.

    I have noticed when I send a photo, My phone says "Message waiting to be sent". There is no bar showing the progress of how much has been uploaded. Instead,a f few minutes later the photo appears at the proper location.

    I really can't remember if it always did that or if it used to show a progress bar. I know I have seen progress bars, but can't remember it showed one while sending a photo. I'd really like to see the progress so I know that my phone is doing something, but the photos do always end up where sent.
  7. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    I'm glad I didn't do this update, it seems like a lot of people are having issues. For those having problems I would go to cricketusers forum and flash the modded stock ROM. I'm still stock myself, but lots of people are using it and are happy with it.
  8. countrychic

    countrychic Newbie

    I'm so glad I seen this post before updating my Mercury.
  9. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Member

    IMHO, don't update.... Root, and grab the modded stock ROM over on the cricket forum.
  10. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    I just went through all my mms functions and they are fine.I'm Even getting that progress bar I was talking about...up for sending videos.

    So ever since the muve upgrade, my phone is faster, earphones are louder, and I still have tethering abilities. I have nothing negative to say.

    I think the problems people are having are far and in between. I personally wouldn't route someone away from downloading this.
  11. SilverRain79

    SilverRain79 Newbie

    To it's customers!!!

    This is not an isolated issue, it's network wide. There's another post on cricketusers.com that I'm on...


    Their idiotic firmware update has messed up Mercurys all over the US and they're lying to their customers telling them it's not the update, it's an outage, it's your settings blah blah frickety blah... They've even got employees in the forums spreading misinformation. I've been with Cricket for almost 12yrs but I'm beside myself with the lack of customer care they're giving this issue.
  12. nimoxp

    nimoxp Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info! I'd just like to say I do not or have ever worked for Cricket...lol I agree the there customer service sucks. Infact when I bought one of my phones from them at the store, the employee decided to add 20 dollars worth of extra features I never approved.

    I was so pissed I called Cricket, which is worse cause the guy from India named John couldn't understand what I was saying. I had to speak to the manager to get that crap off. This was over a year ago, but I doubt their CS got any better.

    If this is really a wide issue I guess I'm just lucky. I mean I still have tether for goodness sakes. I just don't understand how alot of people could have all these issus from an update, while mine was silky smooth.
  13. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Welcome to the forum. Early adopters of updates like this end up being the beta testers. That's why I wait to hear all of the feedback and make sure all of the bugs are worked out.
  14. SilverRain79

    SilverRain79 Newbie

    Yeah, I discovered I was being charged for ringback tones... I despise ringback tones!!! Thanks for the welcome. I'm like a one man crusade to find as many Mercury owners having this issue... Cricket needs to own up to their mistake. Hell, I'd be happy just to hear one of their associates say "Yes, we know about the issue and are working on a solution." that would make me absolutely giddy at this point. But instead it's a bunch of lies and misdirection. I had one employee at a local store bald face lie to me b/c he assumed I'd be too stupid to know what he was talking about. Told me he fixed my phone, and sped it up, by enabling content filtering. Do you know what content filtering is??? Parental controls. I kid you not. I was livid.
  15. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Never understood ringback tones, especially paying for them. I would never even pay for a ringtone lol. It's crazy that Cricket won't even admit there is a problem, but unfortunately can't say i'm surprised. There have also been reports of the MMS issue in this thread:


    Most of the Cricket store employees and cs reps don't know wtf they're talking about. I try to avoid them whenever possible. Better advice is usually found on the forums.
  16. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Member

    Most of the Cricket store employees and cs reps doubt know what they're talking about. I try to avoid them whenever possible. Better advice is usually found on the forums.[/QUOTE]

    'Nuff said ^^^^
  17. SilverRain79

    SilverRain79 Newbie

    So cricket just called me and offered me a $30 credit... $20 to cover an in-store exchange for a new Mercury w/o the Muve Music Update on it and $10 for the inconvenience I've suffered. I WIN! MUWHAHAHAHA!!! Of course they still denied that there was any issue with the OTA update, or that anyone else had complained about the same issue... Which really would have made me giddy... But they admitted defeat, b/c if they'd really not been at fault I seriously doubt they would have made that offer to me... So I'll take that as an admission of guilt. =-D

    So if you're one of the people being affected by this I urge you to contact customer service, or go into a corporate store, and reference this post... Hold them accountable and get your phones replaced and accounts credited. Or just root/flash and go on with your bad selfs... Either way, there's a couple of options for you. I have to say I was getting pretty pissed at Cricket over this issue... But the guy that called was nice, helpful, and perfectly willing to make the situation right. Regardless of whether or not that was genuine or them trying to fix a situation before it got out of hand... Either way, they probably just saved me as a customer.
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  18. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Glad to hear you got satisfaction. By all means, people, complain if you are unhappy. You know what they say about the squeaky wheel...
  19. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Member
    Thread Starter

    Did the recent update*228.....seemed to have NOT* fixed error 98.....
  20. SilverRain79

    SilverRain79 Newbie

    I'm willing to bet it came back though, didn't it? Hopefully not though!

    I went and exchanged my phone today... It was a hassle b/c the CSR at the store was determined to find some reason to not do the exchange but he eventually caved, albeit reluctantly. And, ironically enough, it was the *****ebag that bold face lied to me the first time I brought it into the corporate store for this issue. The new Mercury's already have the 2.3.6 Android operating system and the kernel... Which is what the update was supposedly supposed to do to the one's carrying 2.3.5... If they ever did, I'm beginning to wonder... So if you've bought a phone with the up to date firmware and you don't want Muve Music then there is NO reason to risk doing the update. He said *maybe* my update got screwed b/c I did it over Wifi and not on the Cricket 3G network, but whatever... I'm not risking the update a second time, especially since it apparently offers nothing other than Muve which, especially for someone like me that listens to obscure European electronic music, is a huge waste of time and money. Anyway, there ya have it. My saga is over. Ta da.
  21. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Member
    Thread Starter

    Yay it did come back....

  22. gixxer_751

    gixxer_751 Member
    Thread Starter

    Cricket website needs a chat option cuz I don't have time to waste at the store...n just found out cricket went from unlimited data to a "fair usage policy"....
  23. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Member

    A play on words... LOL!
  24. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Never was unlimited. 1 GB then death throttle lol.
  25. exdous

    exdous Newbie

    ok after reading some of this, it made me want to register and tell my complete BS story about this crap update.

    ok so i bought my mercury in feburary and had ZERO problems with it. it ran smoother than my 3 year olds butt. then i got a notice that there was a firmware update that needed to be downloaded. little did i know that this would totally destroy my beloved phone. so i downloaded it and within the first 30 seconds i knew there was trouble. my phone usually would go from off to on in less than a minute, and it took almost 3 minutes to turn its self back on. i thought perhaps it was just since it did an update that the phone was installing the update. BOY was i wrong... ok, so before installing the update, i backed up my information. after the install, my calender had been wiped clean. everything else was put in play, but not the most important thing on my phone. i mean, sure my contacts were all important, but the IMPORTANT numbers, i knew by heart, and the rest would be a quick sync from facebook away, but NO my calendar was erased. then about half the time i would open and try to update the wall on facebook, the app would crash, when i would go to my music downloader, crash, walgreens app, crash. so i go into cricket demanding help from them. they say oh sorry you are having problems, but you are the first person we have had complain about this. everyone else the update fixed all their problems. but it was huawei that did the update, not us. sorry your calendar was erased, and you missed a meeting that cost you a couple thousand dollars... but you need to complain to huawei, not us. so i just tried to deal with the crashes, the phone acting like it had spyware/adware on it, not being able to send pictures, and missing a couple appointments. then i gave in and called huawei. they quickly helped me fix my calendar, 2 days to late.... and told me, i dont know why they said we did that update, it was just about their music service, they did it. so both hands were pointing at the other. all the while cricket is telling me, you are the only person we have heard about having issues with this update...then i start getting error code 98... the girl at cricket says you can just turn off your wifi, take the battery out while the phone is off and leave the wifi off, i told her she was crazy. when i can use wifi i use it. i bought a phone with wifi on it, i was going to use it. she acted like she didnt believe me about the error code, so i sat outside and called 3 different people till i got the error message. i took it in to her and she documented it and said if i had the problem again to take it back to them and they would swap the phone out for a new one (with a 20 dollar charge which is BS) i did, then paid them, got a new phone. i was like at least i wont have that stupid a*s update on it, and they said i am afraid you will. we opened all boxes and updated everyone that we have. so yes, i get the new phone, go 2 days with no issues, now my phone is crap again, and they are not wanting to help me.

    all the while, my wife has the same phone, and she updated hers the same time i did, and she hasnt had ANY problems with hers, and we have the SAME apps... wait a second, mine has DTS stereo on it, hers doesnt... could that make a difference?!?

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