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EVO DESIGN for BOOST. Does it have to ble FLASHED

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by imowt, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. imowt

    imowt Newbie
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    I just bought a EVO Design on ebay which was on a boost network. I tried to replace it with my htc evo shift. Which was flashed to boost I'm pretty sure. Anyway I tried to swap the hand sets but boost told me it was not on the price plan its in fact an android phone which starts at 55.00 a month. but would start me off with 50.00 if I made a payment.
    Now a guy I know said probably cuz it wasn't flashed. Is this true? If it was "flashed" I would not have to start the shrinkage plan all over? I was already up to 45.00 a month
    I just didnt wanna get screwed by the guy who says it needs to be flashed.
    I was under the impression that the reason for flashing was for phones that were not on the "network" But boost is currently offering that phone.
    I just dont know if I should just add the evo design or pay for a flashed phone. ANY HELP out there??

  2. braxton355

    braxton355 Android Enthusiast

    Its doesn't need to be flashed at all. Probably who ever flashed your evo shift used a non smart phone as the "crap I forgot what its called" anyway if you flash a phone the phone that isn't on the network will use another phones meid number that is. So that boost thinks your using that phone,that is actually on boost network. So who ever flashed it. Probably used a non smart phone (once again) to cover up for your evo. Which isn't boost Mobile, so now that they know your actually using a smartphone (android) they see the reason to charge you extra for having that phone. Which the starting smartphone plan is 55 dollars. This seems confusing. Sorry for that. Its hard to explain.

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