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evo or droid x (in boston)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by you2, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. you2

    you2 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone compared evo to droid x (as a user) and if so any comments between the two phones? I'm located in Boston and have read and compared the phones (as much as possible without actually owning either). Form factor I have a slight preference for the droid x. Plan price is $80 for the evo vs $65 for the droid x. I currently have sprint. Phone cost is $299 vs $199 and if I went with driod x ETL would be around $100 (the driod x is $299 since I would buy it with a 1 year contract). (sprint requires texting in their plan; and I get a 5% discount with verizon).

    Kind of curious if anyone has spent more than a few days using BOTH phones and have any comments (major factor would be screen quality; battery life and ringer/in call volume when not using headphones device). I'm well aware of the service in Boston (verizon vs sprint) and that the droid x has a boot loader that might or might not be crackable. Mostly concern about the various first hand nusiance one might encounter using the various phones (from shop usage I think the driod form factor is a bit nicer but the software is ughly as sin also when i enter text on the driod x i keep getting this silly 'next' button; yes I know you can add launch pro et all but I can't do that in the store).

    I'd like to pick up a new phone saturday or sunday during no-tax weekend.

    Please don't focus on the providers. I have lots of friends who are on verizon and I've been a sprint user for some years. I really want to focus on the merits of the phones (software and hardware). I've played with both in the shops but that is not the same as owning them.

    I did make a similar post this morning but the DB crash caused it to be deleted.

  2. farrellcollie

    farrellcollie Member

    We have one evo and one droid x in the house (impatience with not being able to find a second evo in stock anywhere and sprint really ticked off my partner on a different matter). I personally like the evo better because I like the sense UI. Also I like the lack of hardware buttons. It seems like the buttons on the droid x are more fragile. The motorola widgets and such are large and clunky in my opinion. It may that is because I got used to evo first. Also droid x seems to lag a bit. In fairness, I have rooted and custom rom on evo and we have not yet rooted droid x in anticipation of 2.2. I have put both launcher pro and AWD launcher on the droid and both times gone back to stock because they seem too ugly, too busy and too difficult for us to bother with. In coonclusion, my biggest gripe is the lack of sense ui.
  3. A$$Hat

    A$$Hat Lurker

    You2, I'd call retention if I were you. Sprint bends over backwards to make their customers happy if you're considering leaving. While I'm premier only one of my lines was eligible for upgrade around EVO launch. I didn't feel like doing the whole dance so I called Sprint and requested retention.

    The line "Yeah, I could pay $399 or I could pay a $200 etf and $200 for or $1 more for an iPhone 4" seemed to gain me ground fast. Yes, an a$$hat move, but Sprint has a very loyal customer who shows everyone his evo right here.

    As far as hardware I've heard many a horror stories of how Motorola backs up its devices. I mean just look at the latest droid to froyo debacle. It was a broken update. Do you really want to worry about 'full updates' when Gingerbread comes out?

    In either case - dang it tax free weekend is over and this post is a dollar short and a day late. Good luck with either phone!
  4. BKBitar

    BKBitar Member

    I have the Evo in Boston. If you're in or around the city, coverage will never be a problem. And 4g is set to officially roll out within the next couple of months. My friend has the droid x, and while it's nice, just doesn't measure up to the evo.
  5. eric3316

    eric3316 Android Enthusiast

    Finally got to see a Droid X in person that my friend had. Didn't play with it much but one thing he kept saying to me was my screen looked so much sharper then his. I also noticed when he would flip his phone in landscape it would take a good couple of seconds to actually flip. The X just seemed slow all around.

    Also, while the X felt really light, it had this real cheap feeling to it.

    He was definitely liking my EVO way more then I was liking his X.
  6. you2

    you2 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I obviously did not purchase a phone this weekend; not from lack of trying. None to be found :(
  7. Slick1020

    Slick1020 Android Enthusiast

    I was going to tell you that you seemed to have researched everything except for the availability of the phones. Everyone knows the EVO, Incredible, and Droid X are ALL out of stock.
  8. you2

    you2 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well when I stopped by both sprint and verizon shops they claimed they were receiving weekly shipments and to just keep checking back. Now verizon claims they are not going to receive any shipments for 2 weeks on the x; incredible is suppose to arrive sometime this week or not (i discount this one due to poor performance in sunny areas); both sprint and bestbuy indicated they expected shipments of evo this week.
  9. weezyweazel

    weezyweazel Newbie

    I had each phone for about a month. I switched to Verizon for a company discount. Here are my thoughts based on my experience (so all of this is IMHO).

    Form facter: I have big hands. EVO felt perfect, Droid X was too narrow for me. I noticed the difference mostly when one-handing the phones. In regards to pocketing, EVO fit better. The square-ness of the Droid X made it more noticeable both in how it felt in my pocket and how it looked on the outside.

    Speaker: EVO wins. Droid speaker was lacking in both in loudness and quality. I could easily drown out the wife’s iphone with my EVO. : )

    Talking: I don’t talk on the phone a lot, so I don’t think I’d be a good judge. I can say that holding the phone to my ear was better on the EVO, but again, big hands here.

    Ring: No input as I my actual phone call usage with both was pretty limited. You’ll see threads in the Droid X forum concerning ring loudness.

    Battery life: It seems like the EVO drained a little quicker but this wasn’t anything I actively measured. Both required a daily charge with heavy use.

    UI: Sense UI all the way. LauncherPro alleviated Motorola’s gross skin for the most part, but I found myself missing Sense.

    Software: Droid X randomly stutters/lags quite a bit and was a major annoyance for me. EVO did this every once in awhile but overall ran a lot smoother. Web browsing was snappier on Droid X but that was the only advantage I saw over the EVO in regards to software.

    Screen quality: Surprisingly, I don’t really have any input on this for comparison. It’s not anything I noticed in transitioning from one phone to the next. Both had excellent screens.

    I should emphasize that Droid X is not a bad phone by any means. I think if I’d never had an EVO, I may not have noticed most of the issues as described above. But as of right now, I am smart phone-less.
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  10. novox77

    novox77 Leeeroy Jennnkinnns!

    sweet, I found my lost post via google's cache. Repost.

    I own the evo and have played with a droid x only in a verizon store. Here are my thoughts:

    Droid X screen is 16:9. Evo is 16:10. 16:9 is the HD standard, so I prefer that aspect ratio. But the Droid X has a smaller physical screen size. I put my evo right next to the DX, and I saw that the tall dimension was the same size, but the DX is narrower. It's very minor, but I prefer larger screen.

    Form factor: the DX is a bit longer than the Evo, which is fine, but the thick chunk at the top bothers me. Makes me think of an oldschool calculator. IMO, the Evo looks slicker. The DX physical buttons look and feel cheap to me. This is purely an aesthetic preference.

    Plans: Aside from the free SMS, Sprint's plan gives you free mobile-to-mobile on any carrier. This is huge for me. If I call anyone on their cell phone, it doesn't use my minutes. There are no hidden data usage caps with the Evo's plans; there's a 5gb cap on verizon. Also, Boston 4G is flickering on now and should be fully operational in late September. Sprint 4G will never be capped (due to the features of WiMax), and Sprint is considering rolling out LTE (the 4G technology of choice for verizon) depending on demand. WiMax has the potential for faster data transmissions than LTE. But LTE signals are stronger. So it's a tradeoff.

    Volume: can only speak about the Evo. Max volume is very loud, which is good for me because the phone is in my pocket a lot.

    Display: the screen's brightness and color reproduction are comparable.

    DX has a locked bootloader, which means you can't ever unlock NAND and therefore cannot flash custom ROMs. Meanwhile, the Evo is VERY root-friendly, and developers have managed to boost the evo's stock functionality significantly. If you never plan to root your phone, this is a non-issue.

    Hope this helps a little.

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