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Facebook vs Facebook for HTC Sense -- Two Separate Apps?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by finch9987, May 18, 2010.

  1. finch9987

    finch9987 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys --

    Like everyone who's updated to 2.1, I'm experiencin the same bugs with Facebook (i.e. all my FB contacts show up in my dialer and my txt msgs). Anyways, I was toolin around in Accounts & Sync under Settings. Right now, the accounts I have set up are Google, Weather, and Facebook for HTC Sense. When I click Add an Account, there's something called just "Facebook," in addition to the "Facebook for HTC Sense."

    I've always known there were two Facebook apps (or whatever you wanna call them) on my phone, cause when I want to share a pic I take, I can do it using either "Facebook" or "Facebook for HTC Sense." I always share the picture using "Facebook" because it allows me to post a comment as well.

    Anyways, getting back to Accounts & Sync, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on how these two apps differ. Maybe if I choose to sync the "Facebook" account as opposed to "Facebook for HTC Sense," that could solve some of these issues we're all having? I have no idea, but I'm hesitant to do anything for fear of clogging up my phone's contact list with Facebook friends.

    Thanks guys!

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  2. dawynkoop

    dawynkoop Newbie

    I'll take a look later and see what happens if I dont set up the Facebook for HTC Sense but rather the plain Facebook. I don't have any issues factory resetting my phone if I need to in order to clear everything out and start over.
  3. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    I believe that "Facebook for HTC Sense" is just an interface, not a full-blown application like "Facebook" is. The interface version is what allows you to upload pics, syncs contacts, pushes FB contact pics to "People" and so on. Do "Remove account" on the plain "Facebook" entry and you can still upload pics, sync contacts, and so on.

    As for FB contacts showing up in the dialer and SMS, first, under Menu, Settings, Accounts & sync, Facebook for HTC Sense, you can un-check "Sync Contacts". That's how I have mine set. That solves the dialer and SMS issue. Only people in *my* (Google) contact list appear. No FB friends do.

    One other place, under "People", hit Menu, View, and only select what you want there. I have "Only contacts with phone number", "Google", and "Show auto Gmail contacts".
  4. finch9987

    finch9987 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Dawyn -- Let me know what happens.

    Hallstevenson -- I think what you say makes sense. Thing is, why would there be a separate option under Accounts & Sync for "Facebook" in addition to "Facebook for HTC Sense?" What happens if you sync the former instead of the latter? That's what I want to find out (and I think Dawyn is on the trail for that one).

    And I know the easy fix to this Facebook problem is to just not sync anything with Facebook. However, I'm pretty addicted to having pictures come up when my friends call and such, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I always thought one of the coolest things about our phone was how it grabbed pictures for contacts directly from Facebook.
  5. dawynkoop

    dawynkoop Newbie

    I like the picture syncing too, coming from a Windows Mobile Phone (Omnia), it was one of my favorite features of the Mobile Shell 3 interface. I'm at work now but I will check the syncing options after I get home and let you know what happens.
  6. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    "Facebook" is just an app. Apps can add hooks like we see in the "Accounts & sync" menus. In our case, this particular FB app is pre-installed. Ask people who've rooted their phones and removed the facebook app if that entry goes away with it. I have to think it does. I'll also bet that if the FB app is removed, these users still see contact pics pulled from FB, status updates, and so on.

    "Facebook for HTC Sense", as I said earlier, is a 'native' hook into FB that HTC developed.
  7. dawynkoop

    dawynkoop Newbie

    Tried selecting the Standard Facebook to sync but doesn't allow me to, Doesn't even pop up a box for login information or anything. I also have two Twitter sync options, I'm guessing one is the built in and one is fom the twitter app I downloaded, both of those allowed me to sync.
  8. thetingster

    thetingster Android Enthusiast

    I don't even use Facebook for Sense UI. I didn't like having all the pictures changed to my friend's facebook pictures. I also didn't like having all my facebook contact numbers in messaging etc. I removed my log in for this. Reloaded my contacts and now only use facebook in Bloo or the Facebook app. This solved the problem for me.
  9. bluppfisk

    bluppfisk Lurker

    It seems that "Facebook" will upload photos (at least widescreen ones) in a slightly smaller size than "Facebook for HTC Sense".

    Also, "Facebook for HTC Sense" always defaults to "My Mobile Photos" as the default album, whereas "Facebook" usually uploads to "Mobile Uploads". Even though the Sense version does not allow posting a comment, I prefer it because it at least posts slightly larger versions.

    Still, it seems stupid that there are two versions on one phone. It's not how integration should be.
  10. x_Prozak_x

    x_Prozak_x Member

    I'm having issues with the facebook pictures showing up for calls. Since the update, it seems the pics wont sync. I have tried removing/adding the account and still no dice. Any thoughts?
  11. SoloWinter

    SoloWinter Newbie

    I just noticed this problem today. I'm not seeing current Facebook photos, even though my phone has (supposedly) synced with Facebook. Seems to be a problem that started with the upgrade to Android 2.1 on my Sprint HTC Hero.
  12. leebsammy

    leebsammy Well-Known Member

    +1 on htc incredible. ..sorry i like tis forum better.
  13. leebsammy

    leebsammy Well-Known Member

  14. ralcantara79

    ralcantara79 Lurker

    I've tried this method twice to see what would happen. It seemed to fix the Facebook updating issues somewhat but I'd like for some of you to confirm if this works.

    A little background first, like you I was having trouble with my contacts not updating correctly after the 2.1 update. I was signed in to both the stock HTC Facebook for Sense and the Facebook App. Tried many combinations of signing into one or the other but nothing worked until I tired this possible solution.

    1. On your phone go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications and select "Facebook". Select "Clear data" and or "Uninstall updates". This will clear all info you've entered, mainly username and password on the Facebook app.

    2. Under Settings>Accounts & Sync>Facebook for HTC Sense go ahead and remove account. Don't sign back in just yet. You should notice in a few seconds that all of your contacts' facebook linked pics and statuses are no longer visible.

    3. From your computer go to your Facebook account. At the top right select Account>Application settings. You'll see a list of apps running on Facebook. Look for "Facebook for Android" and "HTC Sense". Delete both entries.

    4. On your phone under Settings>Accounts & Sync go ahead and add the "Facebook for HTC Sense" account. Your phone will begin syncing all of the Facebook data. A couple of things I noticed. 1st, even though my HTC Hero was telling me it was done updating a majority of the pics and statuses were still missing. I left the phone sitting for about 5 minutes or so and eventually all of the photos showed up again. The main point is to be patient, the more contacts you have the longer it'll take. 2nd, the Facebook for HTC Sense app isn't the most ideal version for viewing friends pics and statuses especially compared to the Facebook app that is provided with 2.1. I would suggest deciding which is more important, being able to update your status and browse your Facebook updates easily or having your contacts sync correctly under your contacts lists because once you correct the syncing issue you can't use the Facebook app unless you want to have the problem all over again.

    Again on first viewing this appears to have worked but I won't know until someone updates their status and changes their profile pic. Please let me know if you try it and it does indeed work for you.
  15. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    That's because your not getting that the Facebook app is the universal Android one. The Facebook for HTC Sense is for, well, HTC Sense. They are two different apps, because they are, in fact, two different apps.

    HTC Sense is the integrated one, and Facebook is the standard app with no integration. The Facebook integration is perfectly fine.
  16. jsaxton1981

    jsaxton1981 Lurker

    So, I guess all of us with HTC is having a HUGE issue right now syncing facebook and sense.

    I just checked out HTC's facebook page and people are screaming... I haven't been able to update anything for 6 days and I tried everything, even everything that was mentioned in this thread.

    ~HTC Hero
  17. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Android Enthusiast

    SynchMyPics seems to work well if your just looking to get your Facebook contact pics in your contact list on your phone. Thats what I did.
  18. kilogramz718

    kilogramz718 Member

    you solved my problem lol i was wondering how i take all my facebook contacts out of my phonebook Thanks
  19. WarningU2

    WarningU2 Newbie

    I performed the actions below (except #3) - clear data/cache, uninstall, removing facebook, facebook htc and also htc sense. Then rebooted. Then added facebook htc account only with the same userid I normally sign in with (my first go around I had two different userids for facebook htc and facebook). FB HTC Sense then sync'd with my contacts. I then was able to connect from people to facebook and friends stream is connecting too. Thank you ralcantara79! NOTE: I have not added the standard facebook account - only facebook htc

  20. yahnendgo

    yahnendgo Lurker

    I was having trouble not only with my pics updating, but with uploading pics to fb. I STRONGLY prefer the Facebook for HTC Sense app, because it not only lets me upload multiple pics at once, it allows me to put a caption with each one, and to name the album it goes into. I noticed other people said they can't add captions on this app, but I am having a totally different experience. If when I hit share I chose the general facebook app, I can only uplaod one photo at a time.

    Anyway, I did all that you listed below, except for #3, because when I went on my fb page I didn't have that option, and now my pics are updated and I can upload pictures again.


  21. Hunnebuns

    Hunnebuns Lurker

    I believe this is the solution...I was working on it as I was reading this thread. I came upon your possible solution and I finished the process including #3 and thus far the problem is solved.
    For #3 the exact path to get where ralcantara79 is speaking of is to click on Account<Privacy Settings<Edit your settings under the Apps and Websites then you will see a list of apps you currently use where you can delete the ones this user mentions. I think that over time, with the Facebook improvements, the instructions were just thrown off.
    I am now where you are in that I have only to have it prove it will auto sync when someone else changes a profile pic.
    Thank you for taking the time to type all of that out. It was very helpful.
  22. AleksandrD

    AleksandrD Lurker

    I have the HTC Wildfire S and this only solves my contacts list, but all my fb friends show up when I want to send a txt. Any help?
  23. gbweller

    gbweller Lurker

    Is it ok to take the Facebook update after doing this or will things get jacked up again?
  24. gbweller

    gbweller Lurker

    Did you re-take the GB update after that?
  25. Vikcsivarga

    Vikcsivarga Lurker

    Thank you very much for your work to help me and the others who had the same problem. I have to say your method worked absolutely well.

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