Finger print or facial recognition security for front facing camera

not outrageously popular yet but there is a trend now for all future devices to have front facing cameras. htc and apple did it and so everyone will (not to mention the exponential increase in popularity that Voip[voice and video] are seeing). and so at least for the EVO 4G and i think the droid x has one right?

there could definitely be a way to make a biometric security application or even a facial recognition security but regardless using the front facing camera! to replace the pattern lock and pin lock to make ease of access for the owner but not for anyone else. i honestly want to write this app but i have no time because of school.

so i give the idea up to you the original legit android community! =] i am sure someone out there with great knowledge of the api's and libraries will make good with this idea!

the whole purpose to writing apps is to make things easyer and more efficient and that is just what this would be! please share this if you know someone who is good with java programing.