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Tips Fix for the Tinny speaker and a GREAT case option

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OcalaFlGuy, Mar 14, 2018.

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    Mar 21, 2011

    I am a new Stylo 3 Plus owner and hope this will help you too.

    I agree the Stylo 3 speaker is tinny. This pretty much fixes that. Free. App Store, 4.6 rating. Bass Booster and Equalizer 2018 by Coocent. It has an adjustable bass boost, I am using 70% and a "3D effect" that is kind of a Echo that I run at 50%. Even better is there is an UNadjustable Noticable Bump Up in volume. I am sure this has to use some battery juice but it sure makes the speaker sound A Lot better. For Free even.

    I also got this case, and it's actually more for the Style 3. The case that's barely there but still with great protection. The clear really lets the phone color through. (Stylo 3 Plus Titanium here.) $8. There are several reviews on Amazon of multiple drops with no damage. It is the same kind of plastic in all my Ringke Fusion cases and I can attest to those working well. There is a minor downside. The case is for Both the 3 and the 3 Plus. The speaker slot is just a hair, 1/16", short (More for the Stylo 3?) but I don't think it affects the sound. The case covers up the last 2 micro holes on the left side of the speaker. There are Still 46 More speaker holes. It would also take about 2 seconds to lengthen the slot with a 1/4" drill. I will probably get a back up case still. Every other slot/opening matches the 3 Plus Perfectly.


    It sure is a great phone and that's even Before you add "for the money".

    Bruce in Ocala, Fl


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