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Fliq Notes: Nice if used with Missing Sync

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by krischik, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Mar 26, 2010

    The only way I think off to get a 100 words is to copy my Missing Sync Review. Since Missing Sync, Fliq Notes and Fliq Calender are supposed to be used together there is no point in having separate reviews.


    I have put up writing a Review for Missing Sync and it's two companion applications for some time Fliq Notes and Fliq Calender. Are they now god or bad. praise or blame them. The truth lays somewhere in between.

    No cloud needed

    Missing Sync is for you if you don't want a cloud based sync for your Android. With Missing Sync your contacts and calender entries won't be stored on Google's server. Your files won't be visible to the drop box administrators. It is your desktop systems and mobile phone and no middle man.

    Almost - for wifi connection the mark and space server are used for exchange of the ip numbers.

    Now this part works flawlessly once you locked though the advanced setting and made some adjustments.

    One sync to sync it all

    Missing Sync syncs almost everything: calender, notes, text messages, contacts, folder (documents, eBooks, any plain old file), music, pictures, video.

    Tasks and bookmarks are announced. So the only other sync you might wish for a password manager with sync.

    There is a light handicap here: Not all options work with all protocols. For example file sync works only over USB and calender only wireless. Now I understand that these due to technical limitations. What upsets me is that it is not documented and if you choose the wrong combination the sync aborts with an error message. The only way to find out is try and error. I bed some of the one star comments are due to users not being patient enough to find out.

    Just in case you are inpatient as well here the list:

    wireless: calender, notes, text messages, contacts, music, pictures, ring-tones.
    USB: folder, music, pictures, ring-tones, video.


    You need the two Fliq apps to make the most of it. So I review them here as well.

    Fliq Notes are pretty simple and there are far better notes taking applications. But Fliq Notes has two way sync with the desktop. Typing a shopping list on a real keyboard and then just sync it to the phone is a killer feature.

    Fliq Calender is Google Calender clone, it's look and feel is identical and same feature set. With just one exception: Google Calender android app only syncs with the Google Calender cloud app. Fliq Calender uses Missing sync to sync to all sorts of destinations. Again that is a killer features.

    Proximity Sync

    On first glance Proximity Sync is pretty cool. If you are in WiFi or Bluetooth proximity you will sync automatically once every hour. And it works out pretty well if it were not for the error messages.

    Got a sync active which does not work wireless: error message, abort.
    Something in one sync goes work: error message, abort.
    Not in proximity: error message.
    Success: An info message.

    They spoil the hole idea of a little daemon working silently in the background for you. Some of the error messages are important some are useless. Those who are important lead to an abort which then is not necessary. If folder does not sync wireless one does not need to abandon all other steps as well.


    I would still buy Missing Sync. It is expensive, it has a lot of twirks but at the end of the day Missing Sync gets the job done and that is all that counts.



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