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Foursquare: No more Hide and Seek!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iAmAndroid, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. iAmAndroid

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    Foursquare is a new application that is available on multiple smartphones (from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry to Palm as well as ANDROID).
    Need an application that keeps track of where you visit? Help keep track of friends and family? Integrate fun points system for weekly contests? Suggest nearby attractions and buildings?

    Foursquare is the App for you. Foursquare is a social application that links the user to friends (who also have Foursquare) by the places they visit. No more texts out to people saying, "Where you at?" or "What are you doing?". Keep track of your own daily activities! Check in to your venue, and then come home and log onto Foursquare.com to check the breakdown of your day, or even week!

    Log into a place the most and become the mayor of that place! Some businesses give away free products to the mayors of their shop, or earn exclusive discounts! Apart from being a mayor check in often and everytime you visit a new place to collect more advanced badges!

    Challenge yourself and challenge your friends! On days where you are out searching for ideas, open up the Foursquare application to see spots near you - from your favorite places, to what is "trending", to previous visited places.

    Also link the account to your other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc... Your check ins from Foursquare will then directly publish into the feeds of those accounts! This is a quick and easy application that will hook you in and keep you entertained.
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  2. TheSultan

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    i definitely love this app. unfortunately, after looking at the list of badges, i see I never will be able to get many of them. A lot of the badges are location specific or specific to special festivals or events that I'd never go to.

    Still a lot of fun though..up to 11 badge and 9 mayorships!

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