Feb 4, 2022
Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you my newest Android project - a shopping list app.
The app lets you quickly create a shopping list on your phone, keep items organized and also share the list you've made. You can also set reminder notifications so you never forget to buy something!

• Quickly create lists and input items from the keyboard or using your voice.
• Mark bought items and remove them from your list only by pressing the "Clean List" button.
• Edit, delete specific lists/items from the 3 dots menu.
• Set reminders (one time/daily/weekly/monthly) for lists & items
• Easily share lists with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Email etc.
• Sort items alphabetically so you can find them quicker.

...and a lot more!

Try it out on Play Store here:

Any suggestions are welcome!

Decolist Shopping List & To-Do

Get all lists in one place, save time and paper. Easily keep track of your items and share your lists in mere minutes. Set reminders so you never forget to buy something! Use the live synchronization feature to stay updated with other family members.

With Decolist you can easily create a shopping/to-do list on your phone and share everything across all your devices.
Create all types of lists (shopping lists, grocery lists or to-do lists) to easily manage your tasks.

Why you should use our Shopping List & To Do app?

• You can quickly create a shopping list/grocery list/to-do list and add as many items as you want;
• Items can be marked as done/bought and can be removed from your list only by pressing the "Clean List" button.
• You can set reminders (one time/daily/weekly/monthly) for a specific to-do list/shopping list so you never forget to do/buy something;
• Decolist lets you sync any shopping/grocery/to-do list with other people; this way changes will instantly be seen on multiple devices;
• Shopping/grocery/to-do lists can be customized so you recognize them faster;
• The content of a shopping/grocery/to-do list can be alphabetically sorted and shared as text on WhatsApp, Email etc;
• Your shopping/grocery/to-do lists & the items inside them can be easily edited or deleted from the 3 dots menu;

Decolist is a smart shopping list app - exactly what you need. Check off items, get just-in-time notifications and use the live sync feature to stay updated with your family. Keep all types of lists (shopping/grocery/to do) on a single app and share the content across other devices.

If you see anything we can improve, let us know! Contact us on and share your suggestions. Your feedback is very important because it helps us build the best shopping list & to do app!