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[FREE][GA'ME] Bounce Away

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by thomasvillager, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. thomasvillager

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    Dear All,

    we are happy to introduce Bounce Away


    Trailer: BOUNCE AWAY - TRAILER - YouTube


    - physics based
    - control a ball to remove blocks
    - requires skill
    - 50 levels
    - some people liked it

    BOUNCE AWAY is a physics based game where you control a bouncing ball.

    Remove all colored blocks to clear a level.

    To remove a block your ball has to adopt the corresponding color
    by hitting a red, blue, green or yellow block marked with a star.
    Now you can hit a block from any side to get rid of it.

    For each level you can earn up to three stars by clearing it
    with the required seconds left on the clock.

    You may find that this is not an easy task to do.
    Perfecting the controls and finding the shortest path
    for each level will allow you to advance steadily.
    Remember: small things will add up over the course of a level.


    Swipe the ball left and right using your preferred finger -
    with tilt controls activated you can also control the ball
    by moving one of your hands slightly below the other.
    For best results you can make use of both controls simultaneously.
    Place your finger on the screen wherever your heart may desire.
    There is no need to touch the ball.

    Swiping up and down lets you interact with a force known as gravity.
    Both directions should be utilized in constant succession.

    As you become proficient with the controls it should appear as if
    you are cleaning a particular part of your screen.


    In the settings menu you can choose between two different control schemes:

    SLOW - balloon ball
    FAST - marble ball


    Points are a good way to cut the bragging short,
    because they reflect your struggles in a single number.

    This is how your total score is calculated:

    - Every second left on the clock: 10 points
    - Every star in your cupboard: 2000 points


    Compete for the fastest times in the world wide highscore list
    and enter the Hall Of Fame. Tap on the highscore button in the
    level selection screen to enter your player name and reflect
    on some statistics.


    If you have something to tell us, please go ahead.
    We are happy to hear from you!



    The free version of this game includes an advertisement service.

    Other than that:

    - we DON'T want to know your address or your real name
    - we do NOT spy on your fb or other social network accounts
    - we are NOT interested in your family photos, interests, location, finances, etc.
    - we do NOT plan on stalking or harassing you in any way or form
    - we do NOT collect your email address and use it for weird purposes

    We are happy if you enjoy BOUNCE AWAY, and if you do so, please let us know
    by writing here or wherever our paths may cross.

    System recommendations:

    Android 2.3
    CPU: 900 Mhz


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