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FroYo issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xCirca, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Hey everyone. I was part of that epic thread all waiting to get our FroYo on and.. well, I got to say I'm severly dissapointed. They are not major issues, but they are deffinately annoying. First off, I tend to find when leaving an application or more specifically the internet my background lags terribly and takes a few moments to load, seems insignificant however when I get an OS upgrade that is supposed to increase speed I deffinately do not expect to recieve lag where there was non prior. Also I tend to find that my internet pages 'hang' longer (will sit at about 15% page loaded, I'll wait and wait and wait and eventually just minimize and when I go back it's usually loaded) now and also have issues with a lot of webpages in general... i.e, my bank web page I can not phisically scroll down without zooming in first, or going portrait then zooming and I had no issue with this prior. I got so annoyed with the general amount of problems that I tried to erase froyo and do the OTA... I'm deffinately not a tech noob, however I do not have the wealth of knowledge most of you have with Android which is why I'v been reading and now, asking questions... what I did to try and uninstall 2.2 was an epic fail of proportions that embarass me I tried to do a factory reset thinking it would re-install original OS and it didn't, so now I have to re-adjust my stuff and I STILL am having issues. When I did the x booting up I tried clearing my cache and it didn't do anything (read somewhere here that that should be done any who after an OS upgrade) if anyone has any ideas that'd be great, they seem like stupid issues but they are DAY to DAY things for me and this is just getting annoying... thanks if anyone can help..

    ~ Sean

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