Frustrated with my new tablet :(


I just bought an android g-rxx tablet for school because it is a lot lighter and easier to carry than my laptop. Come to find out that once I am on campus the thing just stops working. For example, when. I am at homee I hav no trrouble connecting to the internet and suurfung the web. However, when I finally was able to connect to the internet on campus I was able to check and acessthe websitte that had my assignments. I then cosedout of that and checed facebook of couse, whch was also able to pull up fairly quickly. Once the class started I went to goto the website with my assignments and the browserkept tellingme to reload the page. I checked my connection, which was fine and even tried to open it in a different browser and still no luck.

The whole purpose of this tablet was for school. Can anyone tell me what I could possibly do?? All I need it to do is browse the interent. Also, it keeps telling me that it is unsuccessful when trying to download apps...any suggestions/help with that?

Thanks I Appriate the help!


Without the details, it sounds like your wifi problem. Some models turn wifi off to save battery if you are not using it for sometime. And when you try to get online again, it may take some time to connect. So you may check under Settings, then Wifi settings to see if there is a checkbox to turn off wifi when device is sleeping, then uncheck it.

Hope it helps. It is very hard to answer such questions on the forum without looking at the device. You can ask some friends who are more familiar with Android to help you take a look at it. Good luck!