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Galaxy S3 with Telus getting horrible reception.

Discussion in 'TELUS' started by inu33, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. inu33

    inu33 Lurker
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    I used to have a very cheap (non-smart) phone with Fido (LG Gossip) and I could never really complain about the reception.

    I recently switched to Telus and got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and have been getting really bad reception on my phone. My room is in the basement of our house and my old phone had full bars in it while my S3 gets only 1 and sometimes 2 bars and the line always cuts while I'm talking on it.

    Same thing for a lot of subway stations. With my old phone with Fido, there were many stations (not while riding the train of course) where I had really good reception, but with my S3 I do not get that at all.

    I went to see a Telus store today and they told me to switch my Network Mode from GSM/HSPA/LTE (Auto mode) to GSM/HSPA (Auto mode) and assured me that this will get me better reception eventhough my internet speed will be slower. However, I still get the horrible reception that I had with LTE mode.

    Is there something wrong with my phone? Is there anything I can do to help or resolve this? Or is Telus' network coverage really that bad?

    Thank you.

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  2. Hwulex

    Hwulex Lurker

    Just want to add that I am experiencing similar problems with my SIII on Telus, living in Whistler. Reception from day one has been pretty horrible. I had a serious problem with LTE switching where the phone would be cut off from the network completely without warning, without notification, and only a reboot would fix when I noticed. I spoke to my retailer and have since disabled LTE which has solved that problem, but my reception still seldom ever goes above two-bars anywhere. I don't know if it's a radio problem, Telus signal, or a combination of the two but, like you, I was on Rogers (Fido parent) for two years with various phones but the last being Galaxy S with excellent coverage everywhere and this is definitely a step backwards.
  3. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Android Enthusiast

    Same here, the JB update made the reception horrible now. Cuts out completely.

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