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Support Galaxy S6- Cell service dropped out, phone gets extremely hot around SIM card

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Brian Fitzpatrick, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Brian Fitzpatrick

    Thread Starter
    Aug 2, 2016

    Aug 2, 2016
    This maybe too detailed but -
    My S6 active was working fine for a few months (got it used off swappa in very good condition) and then last week while on vacation I noticed I wasn't getting service, it was getting extremely hot and was draining the battery quick randomly one night. It seemed odd since 3 others in my family with the same service were getting good reception and I had gotten good reception in that spot for some time. I turned it off overnight with similar results in the morning. I popped the sim card in my backup S4 active to get by. At the time turning it on with out the card yielded similar results. I read wiping the cache may help so I tried that with no luck. I turned it off for the rest of my vacation knowing I may need to do a factory reset.

    When I got home yesterday I turned it on without the SIM card and showed the triangular bars (instead of circle with a line through it) as I would expect and didn't get hot. Once the sim card was in it went back to behaving like it did (circle with line through it - no service, getting hot and draining battery quickly). I pulled off documents that I wanted and did a factory reset and initially it didn't seem to work but after about 15 minutes normal service popped up during the initial welcome/setup screens and worked all night just fine.

    I reset the phone this morning and it again went back to acting how it was. I figured I could do a factory reset again but would be nice to not have to do that each time the phone is turned off ( if that is what brings these symptoms back). Just curious if anyone has experienced this or may have any ideas.


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