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Galaxy Y (GT-S3560) Wi-Fi problems when powering off/restarting the phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by _BuZ_, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. _BuZ_

    _BuZ_ Lurker
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    Hello everyone,

    I have a quite confusing issue with my Galaxy Y which results in me having to keep turning the Wi-Fi on every time I power off/restart the phone via the power button.

    Here is screenshots:

    Powering off screen (as you see I have the Wi-Fi turned on, but look CAREFULLY at the next screenshot):

    Restarted and waiting to begin using it (Wi-Fi is always turned off when powering off/restarting, but it never used to do this before the latest update for the phone came through):

    Have I tried re-flashing the stock ROM for my phone?


    I've re-installed the stock ROM numerous times using "Odin3 v1.85" and the CSC, PDA and PHONE .tar files (with only 2 boxes ticked, e.g. "Auto-Reboot" and "F-Time Reset"). I've left everything else blank and unticked.

    Hoping someone has experienced the same issue and/or able to solve my issue. Although I have been thinking it may be a problem with the Wi-Fi chip in the phone itself.

    King regards and thank you in advance,


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  2. Peterwatt

    Peterwatt Lurker

    I just bought two new Galaxy Y, they both do this. It must be how they are designed. HTH

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