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Aug 2, 2011
Question... Is it possible to add more than five items to the dock? I know you can rotate the dock for more icons but I only need one more and wondered if I could user one dock but have six icons. Thanks!
No. You get 5, 10 or 15, with 1 or 2 swipes. You can always have one (or more) a folder link that opens to as many as you want.
Wait a second.... Can I add a folder link to the dock??? I tried but couldn't figure it out. Or am I misunderstanding?
I use Auto App Organizer and use it's folders. But I just deleted a dock app, long pressed on screen and selected new folder, added a few things to it, then dragged it to the "+" on the dock and it stuck. You have to have an empty "+" or else things will go to trash.
Not sure i'm getting this. I only have application, shortcut, app drawer icon, reset to default, and blank. I'm not seeing anything about adding a folder. We are all talking about go launcher ex right?
You set it blank. On the homescreen itself, add a folder. Hold and press any blank spot on the homescreen like you would do when adding a widget, then choose Folder (or shortcut if you use Folder Organizer as your folders). Add your apps to that folder. Then long press the folder so that you can drag it around. Then drag it to the dock.

Yes we are talking about Go Launcher EX. Its also impossible to drag it to the trash bin since we're dragging it to the bottom of the screen, and the trash bin is at the top of the screen.
Uh.... I'm using go launcher ex... When I click and hold on something on the home screen and drag it down ward, a red bar appears with a trash can icon. The dock itself disappears at this time.....
Bingo... just needed the update. Got it now. Thanks guys!

Just for the sake of being picky and curious, is it possible that when you open a folder like that, the available options are more towards the bottom of the screen than the top?
I use folder organizer as my folders. There's a free Lite version in the store. Basically you assign your apps to "labels", and each label is able to have a widget or shortcut link on the screen. It looks like an icon on screen (you can choose what icon you use or make your own. I used to have a PS controller icon for my Games label). Each label icon opens up like the usual Android folder, a full screen popup with apps associated to the label in a vertically scrollable grid layout.