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Google Home app showing other people's devices that are connected to different networks

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by _my_precious, Sep 27, 2018.

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    Recently, I got a notifcation on my galaxy note 8 saying a device is casting on your WiFi and it had options to pause / stop it. I had nothing casting on my google home (the only casting device I own) so I was really surprised. I opened my google home app and it was showing 4 devices. When I looked at the details, they were connected to different WiFis (none of them mine) and was owned by someone else. I did not add or link them. I had all the options available on my own device - play / pause, reboot, forget / connect WiFi, etc.

    I contacted google home support to confirm this and they said only devices that are connected to the same WiFi as my phone are supposed to show up in the app. In order to see the details / control them, they need to be added and linked to my account before I can see them under "Devices".

    What if the app starts showing someone else's home security system or other important devices and it can be controlled?

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