Oct 24, 2010
So I switched ROMs not too long ago (using Vanilla Eclair on my Motorola Cliq), and I seem to have lost the option for calling out using my Google Voice number as my caller ID. Under Settings->Calls->Caller ID I should have an option to use my Google Voice number as my caller ID, but that option is no longer there. I just have "Network Default", "Hide My Number" and "Show My Number"... that's it.

I installed the GV Dialer, which is a work-around, but it's a little annoying... There should be a way to set this, right? Or if not, is there another more elegant work-around?
You can set that from a PC using the online GV settings.

I don't see that option. I'm looking under the Calls tab and for Caller ID (outgoing) it only gives the option to display my Google Voice number for texts. In fact it has a blurb beneath that which reads, "Note: this setting currently only applies to text messages; calls will be included soon." Is there another place to set this?