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Tips [Guide] how to PROPERLY sync facebook contacts to your phone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Manuelitoohno, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Nov 1, 2010

    Nov 1, 2010
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    Allright seeing as how there is alot of useless way of getting your facebook contacts to your phone here (and there isnt much support from samsung), I will tell you the correct way to properly synchronize Your Facebook and twitter contacts to your phone.

    I also made a video on youtube showing you how to do this. LINK

    1) If not done all ready set up your Facebook (and twitter if you want to sync it as well) to your phone, then go onto your settings > accounts and sync > and make sure your accounts are synced if not, just manually sync them by clicking the menu key and then "SYNC NOW"

    2) now go to your Contacts on your Phone, No contacts facebook/twitter contacts show up right? its okay dont trip. Now you're gonna want to click the menu key, then the menu should show up, click on "get Friends" You will now see your account/s. Click on your account, and it should show you all your facebook friends even if you have 500 or so friends like me, now there's a checkbox to the left of each contact. Unlike a Blackberry or iPhone it wont automatically tell you who has a phone number listed on facebook account and just show the facebook friends that have a phone number listed in their account. So just click on the first check box that says "Select All" then click and add all of them

    2.5) do this for twitter and facebook because if you have say a friend name "Andrew Baker" on twitter and facebook and after all this is done your phone will automatically sync his facebook and twitter account into one for you which is pretty neat.

    3.) Now go back to your contacts. Before you freak out yes i know theres gonna be so many contacts in there now that it takes minutes to scroll to the bottom if you have many friends.

    and some friends dont even have phone numbers listed, but dont worry.

    Your gonna want to click on the menu key and go to "Display Options" and check the box that says "Only show contacts that have phone numbers" and before you click on done scroll down and make sure your facebook and/or twitter accounts are checked yes on then exit .

    4.) now you will have your facebook contacts with listed phone numbers, adress if its listed on their facebook, Birthday, on your phone, with their facebook default picture aswell. now you dont need to be loading up an app and searching for what an individual person has posted you can just go on your contacts directory and it'll show you their updates and "media" (facebook pictures all of them) on their contact information.

    It should also sync up the persons twitter and facebook onto one so not only can you just see their facebook updates but you get their tweets too. If it didn't for some reason and you know that your friend on facebook has a twitter and that you are following him on twitter, click on his contact info, press the menu key, and select "Link contact" it should automatically have recommendations of people if not then you can manually link the 2 accounts up by searching for that person.

    ^ that only happens if that person used 2 variations of his name for example "Drew Baker" on twitter and "Andrew Baker" on facebook.

    There you go though, You should have everything good to go and synced, if you have any Questions or Problems just add me on Gtalk: Marruenda@gmail.com


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