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[GUIDE] :: SuperPad/FlyTouch2/WWE10 Android 2.2 Froyo USB Flashing ::

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SmaRkieS, May 19, 2011.

  1. SmaRkieS

    SmaRkieS Lurker
    Thread Starter


    This guide is for:

    SuperPad / Flytouch2 / WWE10 Tablets

    Warning: Follow these steps. All of them. If you do, it will work. If you misread or miss a step or skip a step because you are hurrying through the process, it WILL brick your tablet. Flashing is a relatively simple process but it requires patience. If you don't have the time to read all of the directions and follow them, YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FLASH, and stick with your old firmware.

    Note: I'm not so good in English and gramar, so bare with me. The images is not so clear co'z im using webcam for fast capture and focusing.

    If I made mistakes, corrections are welcome.

    :: Thanks the Donors ::

    - Austin Pc Fixed .Com
    - frank rugolo

    :: Credits ::

    - stragulus
    - dgcruzing
    - isergio
    - _barsuk_
    - Aries on an Android (android tablet forum)
    - rgocal (android tablet forum)
    - and others who I forgot to mention

    This guide is for Windows XP, I'm windows7 user before but I downgrade because I want to use my other old softwares for flashing. If you get the idea you can do this also on windows7.


    - For windows7 user Run As Administrator the IUW application.
    - 64bit Operating System may not work with IUW application.

    NOTE: If your tablet showing version 6.1.5 (559[or higher]) or Then you can skip some part of the guide. Scroll down directly to the "Alternative Solution" using MicroSD burning. You still need to download the Android 2.2 Froyo Main Firmware.


    :: Preparing the Male to Male USB Cable :: (if you have one skip this)

    Ok let's start, what you need is a male to male USB cable, if you don't have one you can make your own male to male cable.


    - 2 USB Cable
    - Scissor or Cutter
    - Electrical Tape or anything to cover the exposed wire

    - Solder Lead (Optional)
    - Soldering Iron (Optional)

    1. Cut each USB to the nearest tip of the female, to make your USB cable longer.


    2. Cut each end of the USB to expose the wires and copper wires.


    3. Now you can connect each end of the USB, and twist each wires, you can solder it if you like.


    4. Now you can tape each wires, and tape all the wires.

    This is the finish product.


    :: Preparation for Files and Flashing Procedures ::

    Download IUW 1.1 Flashing Tool
    Download Firmware V2852
    Download Uboot - V working camera
    Download Main Android 2.2 Froyo ROM with Flash 10.1
    Download New Ramdisk image to change the path of save files to SDCard1
    Download Extra Tools Apps

    Updated ROM: 25.11.2011
    Download Firmware Froyo 2.2 v2.5 #4325

    :: Clean up the tablet files ::

    - Wipe cache partition
    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - then reboot.

    Remove all microSD so that it will not start burning if you have firmware on your microSD.

    Visit this link how to clean the data for your tablet


    :: Let's Start ::

    1. Make a Folder on your desktop for fast track of your files, I named it Froyo 2.2 and save all your downloaded files here.

    2. Download IUW Flashing tool, and save it inside the folder of your desktop.

    3. After download, unpack it inside the folder.


    NOTE: Your tablet should be full charged, and connect the charger while flashing, just to make sure it will not drain much power on your tablet. Don't forget also to remove all your MicroSD cards from the tablet.

    4. Since your done making your USB Cable, your tablet should be off and plug the other end USB to the PC and plug the other end on your tablet USB Port between the headphone jack and SDCard Slot 1.

    5. Open the IUW application, select Link USB on the left side. And on the Link information the DV (driver) is greyed, because it's not detecting the tablet with driver.


    6. Power up the tablet with this combination Power + Menu button for few seconds until you see the message on your tablet "Communicating with PC..."


    7. A New Hardware notification will pop up on your PC Screen.
    (you have 2 minutes to setup this or the tablet will boot normally)

    Select Advance, Next.


    Browse the driver from your desktop inside the folder "otg_driver"



    Then it will install the driver.



    The flasher will turn to green.


    :: FLASHING V2852 ::

    This rom will only run on tablets which display a version number in the bottom-right "Infotmic" screen when first turned on.. If yours doesn't display a number there, you will need to flash firmware v2852 first.

    8. 'Choose a wrapped image' press the "..." button Select the IUS file "WWE10B_Android_393477-v9full.ius"

    9. Click 'burn' to flash the tablet.

    10. After burning finishes, plug out the USB cable and press Reset, then restart the device.

    :: Flashing UBOOT ::

    11. Open UIW application, and connect your tablet USB to PC.

    12. Select "Link USB" on "USB Mode:" select "Expert Mode" Uncheck all except "UO".

    13. Browse the "u-boot-nand.bin" the one with working camera.


    14. After flashing this is the result.


    15. Your screen with start to flicker, it will start to initialize.


    16. I will take time to load up, until you are in display calibration.

    :: Flashing IMAGES ::

    17. Power off your tablet, and prepare again the UIW to flash the main android 2.2 firmware.

    18. Click Link USB, and select Expert burn.

    NOTE: Use the other Ramdisk.img fix you download, not from the flash10.1-android2.2 folder.


    19. Power up the tablet with this combination Power + Menu button for few seconds until you see the message on your tablet "Communicating with PC...", if the Dv is green your ready and click the burn button.



    20. I will take time to load up, until you are in display calibration and your Done!

    :: Alternative Solution ::

    If you cant burn the main android image using USB method. You can try the MicroSD card method, but this is only applicable if your tablet will display the version under the InfoTMIC start up logo.

    Lets make a bootable MicroSD, to convert the file size to 700~705MB, you need a MicroSD at least 1GB.

    Download WinHex with MicroSD Clone Image.

    1. Open your WinHex

    2. Click Tools->Disk Tools->Clone Disk->


    3. On Source Raw Image: click the file button.


    locate the "aben.start sector" file, click open.


    4. On Destination Medium: click the drive button.


    locate the Physical Media of your card reader/MicroSD, ok.


    5. Fill in the Start Sector with 0 (zero).


    6. Click OK, and WinHex pop up will appear, click OK and it will start cloning the image file to your MicroSD.


    7. A notepad will pop up that you are done cloning the image, close and press OK on the pop up message.

    8. Close WinHex, and safely remove the card reader/MicroSD.

    9. Plug the card reader/MicroSD again, and do a quick format.


    10. If you successfully formated the MicroSD to 700~705MB then create an "android" folder, and copy all the main image files on the folder. And your Done! :: If you fail there are some other reason, some card reader is not working properly, try to find another card reader, if your phone has MicroSD Slot and able to communicate and serve as card reader, you can use this also.

    - ramdisk (use the other ramdisk you download)
    - system
    - uImage
    - userdata

    some optional or skipped file.

    - u-boot-nand (android v2.2)
    - zSYS (Flytouch Official Image 3245)

    This is what's inside the MicroSD on android folder.


    12. After copying the files plug the MicroSD at the top most/Slot 1 between the 2 USB port.

    13. And Power On your Tablet, and it will start Flashing just like here on the video. YouTube - ‪Installing Froyo firmware on Flytouch 2‬‏

    You can also use this MicroSD to downgrade back to You can also use this MicroSD to downgrade back to 3245 firmware.

    Thank you.

    :: Super Improvement ::

    - Much Faster, you will notice it while playing Angry Birds
    - New Icons
    - New 3D Gallery
    - GPS is now working, GPS Test app required to test the satellite lock.

    :: Known Issues ::

    - RJ45 Port sometimes not working
    - WiFi unstable
    - Some 3G Device not working
    - Save path not on MicroSD but inside your Tablet (fixed read the download above)
    - When it sleeps, it sleep to power off.
    - Youtube App is not working, you need to download another compatible version.

    confirmed that the 3G USB modem Huawei E1752 is working perfectly. Just create an APN and reboot while the Huawei E1752 is in the USB port.. After startup it makes a connection and works fast!

    manually created an APN in settings/connections/mobile providers and configured for your local provider. Also enabled data connection, otherwise I won't start searching. After that reboot and it started working. No specials actions required.

    :: Google Sync ::

    If you want to sync the calendar (basic) and contacts go to:
    Contacts-> Menu-> Accounts-> Add Account-> Corporate-> enter data for a google account -> choose the default setting -> set the sync options-> Enter the name

    :: z4root USB Debug solution ::

    1. Download Launcher Pro.
    2. Install Launcher Pro.
    3. Tap the Home Button at the upper left, it will let you choose different type of launchers.
    4. Select Launcher Pro.
    5. Tap Menu Button = or at press the menu button at the top of your tablet.
    6. Tap the + add
    7. Tap Shortcuts
    8. Scroll Down, and Tap the Activities.
    9. Wait it will load, scroll down to Settings.
    10. Scroll down and look for Development.
    11. Press OK without changing the name.
    12. On Desktop/Home Tap Development.
    13. Check the USB Debugging.
    14. Restart if necessary.
    15. And your done ready to root.


    Don't forget to click the Thank You button


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  2. Roidz99

    Roidz99 Member

    i use the simple SD card method (just placing 2 files on it) - but for people that can't seem to have that method work ,this guide is very helpfull !

    thanks for your effort !!!
    fandtm666 likes this.
  3. SmaRkieS

    SmaRkieS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    congrats for those who upgrade successfully.
    phoenixemer23 likes this.
  4. bigbaldbloke

    bigbaldbloke Well-Known Member

    Phew! Glad I don't have to go through all that, but I bought a USB to USB cable from eBay a while back, so may have a play anyway. Saves arsing around with a soldering iron!
  5. nunruben

    nunruben Lurker

    When I press the Power + Menu combination to Connect to the PC... it does not do that!! :thinking:

    It says: recovery...

    Then it goes to: recovery system, please wait a moment ....

    All I want to do is connect my SuperPai III to my PC via USB.

    HELP!!!! :eek:
  6. nOIspheratu

    nOIspheratu Lurker

    Hey Guys,

    Normally I
  7. mugglesquop

    mugglesquop Lurker

    going to try the SD card method first,

    however, the version of Android that is currently installed is 2.2 #4026 - is this a newer release?

    performance is crap
  8. valllllll2000

    valllllll2000 Lurker

    Hi, great tutorial! I am using ubuntu and I am looking for a driver to debug my android apps (with android sdk) with my superpad 3 tablet and I am wondering if there is a way to use your usb driver any idea of how it could be done or a place where I can find the driver for linux? thanks a lot in advance
  9. manajubi

    manajubi Lurker

    Friend, my tablet is a Superpad2. I think I applied the firmwere SUPERPAD.
    After following the steps it will not boot anymore.
    The blue light turns on and off.
    Has a solution?
  10. SmaRkieS

    SmaRkieS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Try to flash back the 3245 firmware using the MicroSD method, make sure your tab is fully charge.
  11. libat

    libat Lurker

    I read your description is very cool.
    Do you think if android2.3 OS or android 3.0 OS I put up the tablet can work?
  12. ALPineiro

    ALPineiro Lurker

    Own or have owned a Tablet xing ling to result in the following specifications:

    10 Sawe

    -Version of Android:
    2.2 V2.6 # 4416

    - Kernel version:
    2.6. 32 9 root @ ubuntu # 159

    - Version Number:
    FRF85B - ZX907C

    I tried to update, all procedures were correct, yet when unplugging the tablet pc and went to reset the screen went white. I left on for a long time and the screen flashes (an emerging black screen) as if trying to start or at least start.

    I tried to repeat the update operation, but not the tablet does not communicate with the PC.

    In a desperate attempt to regain my newest brick, I opened it and realized that it has an 8GB Micro SD which certainly is or was installed Android.

    Now I ask:
    1 - Does this tablet is salvation?
    2 - What are the possible procedures should I follow?
    3 - Is it possible to install a new android built by the micro SD and try to start? And how?
  13. silentarts

    silentarts Lurker

    Hey SmaRkieS... I tried your solution and it didn't work, so I tried the Alternative Solution. In step 10, you said to copy ramdisk, system, uImage and userdata. Where am I getting those files from to copy it to my microSD card? I got it down to 705mb, but what do I do from there?
  14. silentarts

    silentarts Lurker

    Is there a Hard Reset for the TR-706 Tablet aka Superpad i7 and if so, how is it done? I have 3 buttons in total on my Superpad. One for power and one for something else on the same button...right and left and a button on the front of the tablet...
  15. ahmedb1

    ahmedb1 Lurker

    hi guys,im struggling to upload the flash images via usb.iv downloaded the main android 2.2 firmware. iv only got the ramdisk.image, please help i need the uimage,system.image and the userdata.img files
  16. squirreluk

    squirreluk Newbie

    Hi can someone please help me out here. All the files i need are located on mediafile and it wont let me download the files as it said they have been removed/banned. Can anyone let me have or point me in the right direction to get files from some where else.

    Many thanks in advance
  17. djtoms

    djtoms Lurker

    Well done on the guide ןNeed Help
    After stage 14. After flashing this is the result.
    The device gets stuck on a black screen
    Computer does not recognize the device
    What can I do
  18. angelogpiazza

    angelogpiazza Lurker

    Hello Guys I have this tablet and i would like to know if i can use this room

    Tablet Infotmic X220 ARM11 1Ghz CPU
    Model Number: Sawee10
    Android Version: 2.2 V21:#3925
    Baseband Version: Unknown
    Kernel Version:
    Infotm-sqa@infotm-sqa-desktop #82
    Build Number: FRF85B
    10.2" INCHS, 2 TF cards and 2 USB Ports

    Thank u
  19. mcjepoy_12

    mcjepoy_12 Lurker

    sir smarkies may i know your yahoomessenger id so that i can add you on my list of friends on ym.thanks in advanced.!!!!
  20. mcjepoy_12

    mcjepoy_12 Lurker

    sir can you please upload new links cause im trying to download the files but they are all invalid links now..kindly upload a new link sir pleaseeeee.........thanks!!!
  21. andrusito

    andrusito Lurker

    Hi. I already upgraded the firmware to 2.2. following the instructions, however, does anyone know if it is possible to do a fresh install of Android 2.3 on a FT2 tablet? I don't like the crap apps coming with the original firmware. Please provide the instructions or links if you know how
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