Happy Hi from sunny Cali.

Heyy im Randi im owned By my Doxies(weenie dogs} LOVE YJE BEACHES GERE BE IT OCEAN OR THE LAKES JUST A SHORELINE OF ANYTYPE IS AWESOME! Ooops not yelling just lazy when it comes to correctig my typing errors. got better thigs to do and because the english language is so amazing i really dont have to correct them. It is the only language when written that can be misspelled and still be understood for example win i git dun introdusing miself al uv yu will hav herd enuf! i lovebeads,reading,sportscars,treasure hunting,and most of all living life to its fullest, im totally clueless with my cell phone but hey im willing yo learn all i can.ill ask alot of seemingly stupid questions but i promise i do it cuz i dont know the answers. I am appreciative any and all help i get and am looking forward to my being a member of this site! Peace Out from sunny Cali.