Hello from a soon-to-be former BB user


Sep 10, 2011
Hi everyone,

I've been using a Blackberry Tour the last 2 years. It was a great phone when I bought it, but since then the Android has really taken off while Blackberry has fallen behind. Doesn't help that my phone has been crapping out a bit lately (browser is even worse than before, signal was going between 1 and max bars recently, etc).

I'm a Verizon customer, so the options are more limited than AT&T, T Mobile, and Sprint. First I was waiting to become eligible for an upgrade. Then I was waiting for a better phone to come out since the Thunderbolt seemed underwhelming.

I was set on getting the Bionic once it came out, but now with more on the way like the Droid Prime, I figure I'd wait out since another month at this point isn't much.

This will be my first Android phone so I figured I would join to see reactions to the Bionic and stay in tune with the upcoming phones on Verizon.
I waited for the bionic because it had the 2 features I wanted that were not currently available together in any previous VZ phone.

4G LTE and Dual Core.

I am sure many future will offer this and the next one will always be better but I figured that if I played that game, I would always be waiting.

I also like the feel, durability, reliability, and trusted name of Motorola which is another reason I picked it.

BTW, I am also a soon to be reformed Crapberry user of 3 years (Bionic should be here on Monday)