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Help! Desigining Power Prayer Application!!

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by thepurepressure, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. thepurepressure

    Thread Starter

    I am working on designing an application that has many pages; the first page an intro; I'd like to add my own graphics to; then there being tabs;
    ie. Prayer Journal, My Prayers; Prayer Caveats; etc..

    under Prayer Journal will have different entries and maybe some prompts to start journaling.

    My prayers; will have another page that it needs
    ie the section on this page that says 'Promises I'm standing on'
    and then to click on that and another page pop up with a
    huge list of God's Promises

    Then I want to be able to tag the prayer with the 7 types of prayer, intercession, supplication, etc... and also have a Submit to Top Prayer Networks button at the bottom and I want that one button to submit the entire prayer form to the e-mails of all the prayer networks I've collected so that the one prayer you type in there is sent out to over 50 emails which cause hundreds of thousands of people to pray for that single request and a place where you can have Prayer Requests summed up along with a checkbox to check when God answeres them.

    Then a prompt with a text box that says
    In regards to this prayer, I'm worried about...

    Caveats will have maybe like a little scrollbar, or sections
    one for Caveats of Answered Prayer; ie. Motivated out of love, for God's glory,
    and stipulations for answered prayer ie. Abiding in God's Word Daily, Repentence of Sin, etc..
    like Worry; (with all the Scripture where God tells us not to worry and where Paul says to cast all worries on God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus;) and Persistence (with scripture of persistent neighbor asking for bread in middle of night and after many petitions with reluctance the neighbor gives him the bread; and not ceasing prayer until you are really done with it. That sometimes we “quit praying through before the break through.” I think this is a great reminder to hold off on the ‘amen’ at the end sometimes.
    So perhaps like a few sections right on top of one another and if you click on it it highlights and then goes to another screen where people can look at it.

    How do I get the code to start with? Are there templates out there already to work from other than scratch? I basically want an intro screen that has Daily Prayer Caveat like the TIPS section too right after that and a background for where you write your prayers like a mountain and

    How do I create a background where people write text instead of black screen (ie Mountain)

    Design an intro to the Application

    Set up an interface where there are tabs, (ie Prayer Journal, Pending Prayer, Chat Room,

    How do I set a button up to where if you click it it submits the information in the boxes to multiple emails and saves it in the Pending Prayer section; how do I create multiple boxes where I have a title above it
    In regards to this prayer, I am worried about ...
    [ ]
    with [] being the box
    and then on the same page below it having
    a section where it says
    Promises I'm Standing on
    and then a button to Add Promises
    and then clicking on that and it going to a section with hundreds of promises God made those who have done what Jesus said and instead of whining and complaining and went and got baptised to try it out for themselves and recieved the Holy Spirit. Basically I just had to get that out there - don't hate on Christianity until you've repented of your sins and went and got baptized... the Holy Spirit really does enter you and you're desires SHIFT and you become a new creation, so long as you actually ask God to come into your heart during the baptism.

    What I'm saying for the promises is i want there to be checkboxes near them and then when people see one they want to stand on they check the checkbox and then it goes under the Promises Im standing on but it doesnt go directly back to the main screen I want it where they can add many then if they hit the back button then it goes back to main screen and I want to have a thing on the top notifying them that thats what they have to do to do so.

    How do I set up a Chat room in the application?

    Design a icon for the App on the Market

    Get the App on the Market.

    Then I should be A OK!

  2. orangic

    orangic Lurker

    Are you trying to write this yourself? Do you have any specific questions?

    I would start learning Java before jumping into Android dev.
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