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Hey everybody Im the latest FNG

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ThePhantom, May 24, 2010.

  1. ThePhantom

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    Hey everybody, my names Zach and Im new to the forum. I got the HTC incredible the day it came out. I found this forum in an effort to find out how soon, if not already, I can root my phone or somehow make it into a mobile hotspot. I am new to the term root and basically everything else that has to do with modifying phones. Ive found a couple threads across the web but they are either A: confusing, B: the only information that they relay is that people on forums like to bicker, C: The contradict themselves, or D: all three.

    Any help with how to accomplish the transformation of my phone into a mobile hotspot or the use of other apps requiring the use of a root would be sincerely appreciated.


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