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Jul 26, 2011
Cubot Note Plus - Android 7.0 stock.
Google photos app.

I accidentally somehow hit the Upload or Share icon top of screen, I assume the upload cloud icon. Two photos apparently while looking through many photos using the default Google Photos app.

I can see the upload in process, 2 files. It doesn't give their names, it won't let me stop the upload, I can't see what files I've selected!
I was looking through many photos, so I've just found one and cancelled, but I can't find the other that is still trying to upload!
Is my only option to look through several hundred photos checking the Cloud icon status?
Or let the upload finish and only then delete?

The cloud icon has a glitch, so it can take time to stay solid white in colour, for a split second starts grey and can look like maybe an uploaded file, slowing my search down a lot!

I think when I was zooming in is how I've touched the Cloud icon at top of screen.
No confirmation to send, it just started.
It seems very easy to accidentally upload a photo, but hard to stop or manage it!
I do not upload any files, so this is something I'm not knowingly doing!
I've never had backup running or synced any files to google!

I turned off Wi-Fi but I couldn't find how to stop the uploads. I Forced stopped Photos app but once I enabled it again the upload continued.

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but not yet found anything about stopping an upload without looking through many of my photos one by one, or maybe letting upload then delete!

Thanks for any help on this.
Went through all photos and didn't see any others selected for cloud upload!
Cleared google photos app cache.
Forced stopped google photos app.
Removed all permissions of app. (no access to my photos!!)
Rebooted phone.
Photos is now showing uploading 1 file. Is this a google app bug?
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what is wrong with uploading a photo? i use google photos for just this purpose. it frees up space on my sd card and i never have to worry about my photos if my phone breaks or gets stolen.

have you looked at your photos online from a computer?
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