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How To Add Ringtones To "Notification" Section Of Your Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Twilight24z, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Twilight24z

    Twilight24z Lurker
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    Folks, if you're FED-UP with the childish, moronic and simply idiotic tones on your "Notification" section of your contacts, then this simple solution is for you for your Galaxy S4 where NO SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED:
    1) Press the "My Files" on your device's screen and if you don't have one, simply summon one from the apps/widget part of your smartphone.
    2) From this screen, press the "All Files" button.
    3) Inside, you'll see a "Device Storage" item on the screen. Press this button.
    4) You'll see several files on this screen INCLUDING the "NOTIFICATION" file here. Click here.
    5) Of course, it's BLANK BUT here, you can MOVE YOUR FAVORITE SMS RINGTONES HERE and when you return to your contacts screen where you assign your notification tones, you'll see your favorite tones ARE THERE...you're VERY WELCOME :rolleyes:
    6) ALSO, IF you have a memory card installed, you can transfer the ENTIRE "NOTIFICATION" file to your SD Card (MIN: 16GB-MAX: 64GB) to save space on your device's main memory which will run out quicker without the card.

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    There are a number of places where you say "file" when I think you meant to say "folder".)

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  3. jmw3025

    jmw3025 Newbie

  4. jmw3025

    jmw3025 Newbie

    So happy! Been trying to find out how to do this for days! Worked like a champ.
    Thank you!
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  5. Twilight24z

    Twilight24z Lurker
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    Again, you're sooooooooo welcome. :)
  6. SebaKL

    SebaKL Android Enthusiast

    Just a little side note.
    Upon restarting your device, very highly likely you will lose all your custom notification/ringtone preference and get it set back to default.

    When your devices boots up, it checks all your custom preferences, and set them in place.
    However, the SD Card is the last things to be mounted, after the system is ready to go, and because the card is not available upon boot when preferences get checked, the audio files will appear as missing, causing the device to set back all your customs to default.

    Notifications and ringtones are generally very small in size, negligible when comes to space saving. Unless of course, someone is seriously into harvesting hundreds upon hundreds of custom tones, that's a different case :)
  7. bobolinko

    bobolinko Well-Known Member

    BEWARE! if you relocate your ringtones/notifications and have assigned specific ringtones to specific contacts, etc. You will lose those settings every time you remove the SDCard and intermittently the same scenario will occur when/if your phone boots a bit slowly, as the SDCard is the last item that is enabled on boot, and thus the phone is unable to "find" those audio files when it's booting.... The same goes to assigning a custom ringtone or notification that resides on an external SDCard.

    Just a caveat.....

    Aloha and good luck

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