Apps How to approach this listview/design, (example shown)


I'm currently developing an application and I'm new to the android sdk.
I'm looking to re-create this activity(or fragment/design). I want to be able to list items, with progress bars, buttons, etc.
If anyone could link/describe to me how to approach this problem that would be great <3

Any other tutorials would be great. Every listview I've viewed is only for a certain custom list.


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Your image link is broken.

If you want to create a Listview with customised layout, then you can, but you will probably need to implement a custom ArrayAdapter. There are many tutorials on this, but the one below has a lot of useful information:

If you're not familiar with ListView, start simple, with standard Listview layouts e.g. selectable items, then build on that to introduce your own customised item layouts.