How to Connect external M.2 nvme ssd drive with OTG usb hub


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Question How to Connect external M.2 nvme ssd drive with OTG usb hub

I want to take constant nandroid backup of system userdata boot sdext2 external micro card through twrp recovery or any imaging software and want to store apk data backup and nandroid backup in the external USB hdd

Some expert suggested me OTG usb hub and connect external smartphones have type C power connector and have 15w to 25w powe connector aa old mobiles have different connectors and only supports 1.5 w to max chargers.

Aa usb hub amplifies and balance power between multiple connectors

My queries

1. Can I connect type c usb hub to old 3w connectors

2. As external usb hdd or ssd casings don't have any external usb power how much power wattage it need and how much power do usb hub gives

3. I want to purchase new external hdd or ssd I prefer to invest for samsung evo plus 980 nvme M.2 gen4 which give 3.5 Gbps read write speed now I can us a external m.2 casing but can I connect that m.2 casing and get enough power wattage to run it...I hope casings may have some not any external power. Any solution help advice opinion trick to connect device. ( I may use that m.2 drive in my new desktop build later.

3. What throughput bandwidth read write speed do OTG hub gives on devices