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How to get rid of Saumsung Account Notice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lotus49, May 3, 2014.

  1. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Since I upgraded to KitKat, I keep getting Samsung Account Notice notifications. I have no desire to use Samsung's services nor to agree to their amended terms so I keep declining but the stupid notification keeps reappearing asking the same idiotic questions to which I have already answered no.

    Does anyone know how I can get rid of this permanently without accepting Samsung's terms and conditions?

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  2. andredroid

    andredroid Lurker

    Go to settings / applications manager/ find samsung account/ uninstall updates.

    This removes the Samsung account terms to accept or decline. Simply do not update samsung account anymore.
  3. joegriz

    joegriz Lurker

    Goto settings/ app. manager/samsung acct./ select turn off notifications.
  4. christian100

    christian100 Lurker

    Updating this thread. The way to make it stop on the Samsung Note 8 is just to keep pressing the notification when you get it. You will then be taken to a screen where you can turn off the notification. I tried the steps above but there is no Samsung Account option under applications. That might have been possible with the older version of Android. Presently the Note 8 (and most likely most android phones) come with Android version 7.1.1 called Nougat. I just did what I typed above and the message hasn't come back.


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  5. AnnaDaBanana

    AnnaDaBanana Lurker

    Thank you Christian, That was the ticket. I pressed and held the notification message on my Samsung Note 8 and an option came up that allowed me to "Stop Notifications".


    Update 1-24-18. Once the option came up that allowed me to "Stop Notifications", I had to actually hold it until a toggle switch came up to turn off the notifications.

    After finally turning off the toggle switch for the notifications, it did stop the messages. I was getting them several times a day.

    Thank you so much. I have been getting these all day long and it was beating me down. Especially because I tried going to settings and disabling the notifications to no avail. Great tip! You rock Christian!!!

    I also received this information from Samsung:

    "You will receive notifications about your Samsung account in case you are trying to use a Samsung developed service/application that requires you to use a Samsung account on the phone (e.g. Theme Store, Galaxy Apps, Samsung Cloud, etc.) or when a service you are using receives an update for Terms and Conditions."

    If you no longer wish to receive these notifications:

    Go to the Settings of your phone > Apps > tap on More (or three vertical dots) in the top right corner > Show system apps. Locate Samsung account > Notifications > select the little switch to disable the notifications for the service.

    Samsung also mentioned: "Also know that not agreeing to the terms will prevent you from using that particular feature/service on the phone, until you agree to them."

    AnnaDaBanana :)
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  6. AnnaDaBanana

    AnnaDaBanana Lurker

    See note above
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  7. mikelfw

    mikelfw Lurker

    I have a Note 8, this didn't work for me, any other ideas or do I need to find the CEO's email and bug him for a few days with emails. If I don't agree with their terms why do they keep asking... This is my last Samsung device for sure.
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  8. itshopeless

    itshopeless Lurker

    I've spent about a week (since first encountering this) looking for anybody who has a solution to this. The general consensus seems to be that none of the promising 'solutions' has proved to be effective for more than a day or two -- the harassing notification keeps coming back like a malignant cancer. (hence my username at this forum)

    If Samsung doesn't have the basic decency to give their PAYING CUSTOMERS an option to say 'no' (at least an option that will get the harassment to stop), then as soon as I can afford to get a new phone, I will never again do business with Samsung.
  9. EllaRose1109

    EllaRose1109 Lurker

    None of the solutions worked for me. Settings shows notifications blocked, and yet I still get them constantly... Screenshot_20180909-191309_Settings.jpg
  10. Ticked_off

    Ticked_off Lurker

    I had to go a little further by than Christian. Hold done the "notification" until it opens in the app manager. Click on the advance tab, then click of the notification button on the top, then further down there is a link, click on the link, choose LOW... that means you get no notification sound or vibrate, then there is 1 final link below that, click on it and turn that off too.

    So far it has worked, but it has only been 3 hours. Crap was driving me insane cause it would go off 24/7!!!!

    Hope this helps someone else. Mine is a samsung galaxy Note 8!
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  11. Xavier Black

    Xavier Black Android Expert

    The only other way..is signing in, no way around that
  12. noidodroid

    noidodroid Well-Known Member

    Can you show me a screenshot of the notification? I do not get this on any of my Samsung's running stock OS's. I usually just deny it all when i setup the phone for the first time. Never see it again. Could be your solution.
  13. Makeitstop

    Makeitstop Lurker

    If you no longer wish to receive these notifications:

    Go to the Settings of your phone > Apps > tap on More (or three vertical dots) in the top right corner > Show system apps. Locate Samsung account > Notifications > select the little switch to disable the notifications for the service.

    This post from AnnaDaBanana above is what worked for me. I have an S10. It was giving me a new notification every time I used my phone. Ugh!
  14. underwaterops

    underwaterops Lurker

    Okay, after fiddling with this for two weeks, I have found what works.

    Here's the problem. At some time we have all given Samsung an email, which it then associated with the phone. Probably while setting up the phone or downloading apps from Samsung.

    Here's what didn't work: All of the above. Eventually, Samsung just resets the phone, and send the alert requesting that you accept their terms. And they then track your phone whether you like it or not.


    1) Turn the phone off. If you don't, it confuses samsung because the phone remains logged in, and the delete doesn't work right.
    2) On a computer, go to samsung.com and log into your account with the email associated with your phone. In my case, I had to rest the password, because I didn't have it.
    3) Once logged in, Samsung will go through the accept dialog, only this time you can get to a screen that says delete the account.
    4) Delete the account. You not longer have access to Samsung or the Samsung apps store. But they no longer back up your phone, your data, or you location. And they no longer use data on your plan.
    5) Turn the phone back on. At this point, I never saw anything further from Samsung.

    Two days now, and no alerts. No requests to login. No data or battery used. Nothing.

    The choice is to have a Samsung account or not. If you do, you have to accept the terms or they ride you until you do.
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  15. noidodroid

    noidodroid Well-Known Member

    Duh... I totally did not think about that. It's part of a process i use to remove Samsung Activation from phones when people don't want it. Good looking out!
  16. Thank you soooo much! This was driving me crazy. I was ready to ditch my Samsung phone. Thanks!
  17. Donnnnn

    Donnnnn Lurker


    I did have the same problem with my galaxy watch. But I do have the answer:

    Go to: https://findmymobile.samsung.com

    Login, accept conditions, reboot watch and that should do the job !

    You're welcome [​IMG]
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  18. underwaterops

    underwaterops Lurker

    No, thanks, Donnnn.

    The problem is a simple one. As noted above, many of us do not want to accept the conditions, and therefore don't want to have the account, or the incessant notices.

    So your answer isn't an answer. It's the problem.

    To give us an answer that requires us to just "go along with it" is somewhat troubling. Did you read the thread?
  19. FrozenPurple

    FrozenPurple Lurker

    I created an account just to thank you for this. After months and months of the constant noise I have finally ended the nagging from Samsung. (I have a Galaxy S8+ BTW). Here is a little extra info. Samsung appears to have changed the interface on their site and even the help pages haven't caught up. Here are the instructions from their site to remove your account.
    Delete Your Samsung Account
    1. Open Samsung account page.
    2. Enter your ID and password, and then click Profile. Re-enter your password for confirmation. [this is misleading - you log in and then select "My Account Info" from the top menu]
    3. Click Delete Account, and then verify your password and click Continue. [ The link actually says "Close Account"]
    4. Review the precautions and then click Confirm.
    5. Your account has been deleted. Click Confirm again to complete.
    Again. Thanks a ton for this idea and this post.
  20. Ok. I tried the above and thought it had worked, but then continued getting messages about Samsung account session expired.
    I think I have finally sorted it...

    There are two components causing this problem. Go to settings >apps >show system apps.
    Find Samsung Account, block notifications, and remove access to anything in the phone. Force stop this.
    Then find Samsung Experience Home, and likewise block all notifications and remove access to anything in the phone. Force stop.
    Both of these will later restart themselves, like viruses. However blocking the notifications on BOTH of them seems to stop it.
    Then look at Huawei or somebody for your next phone!
  21. TeslaBotAM3

    TeslaBotAM3 Lurker

    Thank you! This worked.
  22. noidodroid

    noidodroid Well-Known Member

    Strange. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and have worked on over half a dozen Plus Samsung phones with Samsung accounts on them that had lost password or were my own Samsung accounts. Not a single one I've ever had to use the method above to remove the account. All I ever do is go the account section and click my Samsung account quick remove then put my Samsung password in and everything is done. This is been done with multiple versions of the Samsung applications associated mainly the store and also done on multiple Samsung handset models. Good information to know in case I ever run across this problem.
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