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How to set sms tone to user define tone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kepah, May 31, 2010.

  1. kepah

    kepah Lurker
    Thread Starter


    Just got my galaxy spica yesterday & tried to customize it. How can I set my SMS tone to any mp3 file just like other normal phone? I could only select predefined tone. Also, any idea how to set the sms tone to be periodic?

    Thank you

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  2. paulscott

    paulscott Newbie

    If you use a file browser like ASTRO, which you can find on the marketplace under productivity, go to the media folder, then audio, then notifications. You need to copy the mp3 into that folder. This can also be done by plugging in the USB and opening the storage device under windows. The mp3 should then be available to use when you select your notification tone, Hope this helps :)
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  3. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

    In Astro File Manager the full path is /sdcard/media/audio/notifications

    If you mean by periodic, that it keeps repeating until you notice it, then yes there is a solution.

    Install Handcent (A much better replacement for SMS than the default Messaging App)

    Use this to replace the default SMS Messaging app. Go into old Messaging App and disable notifications. (you don't need both Handcent and Messaging to notify you).

    Next start Handcent,
    Notification Settings
    Notification Settings (again)
    Scroll down and choose
    Enable Reminders [x]
    And below this set
    No. of reminders to your choice.
    And also set
    Reminder Interval
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  4. I've been playing with ringtones and notifications. And I've found the following 2 things out.

    1. The place where ringdroid puts the ringtone is not correct for our phone. Put it in the SD card in a new folder called ringtones and/or notifications. This will require connecting to the computer to move it around once ringdroid creates it.

    2. You must disconnect the usb to the computer before you can access the files in ringtones or notifications.

    I am now looking to have a different sound for the generic notification and the calendar notification...any one have any ideas?

  5. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast

    Note also, if you link to a sound file on your SD card, and then later REMOVE the SD card, your phone won't pick up the sound if you put the SD card back. It will revert to the default.
  6. Graham6846

    Graham6846 Lurker

    hi all
    I have the Galaxey Portal AKA spice etc , I have tried all ways to put my own Notification file onto this phone ,all without sucess ,even tried using Mp3 file & Ogg file and several File managers (Astro Etc ) but all refuse to Paste or Move in to Notification Folder withing media /system area
    Just not happy with installed options an dprefer my own , so Any idea's
  7. Rogdor

    Rogdor Newbie

    Make a Notifications folder inside /sdcard instead. Any mp3, ogg or wav files you copy there will show up when you select notification sounds. For ringtones, make a Ringtones folder in /sdcard.
  8. Graham6846

    Graham6846 Lurker

    Hi Rogdor
    Worked brill , thanks
  9. busman1984

    busman1984 Lurker

    Hi Rogdor. like graham thank you, your advice worked a treat. busman1984.
  10. marctee

    marctee Lurker

    hi pls help i cant get my notification to function...if i received a txt msg it will not beep, i already assigned a tone for my sms already im using handcent, even if i use my default messger it will not give a sound either...thnx
  11. Scotsguy

    Scotsguy Lurker

    \thanks Graham have same problems as others did what you say work brilliant
  12. ericakritzer

    ericakritzer Lurker

    how do i set a sms tone for an acclaimed?? if its possible not very computer smart ether so try to dumb it down a little :p
  13. lozza1988

    lozza1988 Lurker

    ive done this biut still gettin messages in my message box and also the handcent box in notifications can i stop the messages going to ny message box as i just want them to appear in my handcent
  14. lozza1988

    lozza1988 Lurker

    can you replace the message box for the handcent message box as im gettin messages threw to both and its drivin me mad ive diabled the notifications for the old message box but still notice im having numbers still appearin over the top of the folder but had to download the app as i wanted my own personal message tone so can please so one help as im new to the phone i have a samsung galaxy s
  15. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You

    First thing that comes to mind is root your phone, then you should be able to just uninstall the olds sms app as you should have superuser access. You might want to be careful if you take that route though.
  16. sallysuhaimi

    sallysuhaimi Lurker

    Thankyou very much! helpful help!

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