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HTC One X (loading screen)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Fodder, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Fodder

    Fodder Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've not looked much on the forum so i'm sorry if i'm re-posting an issue that has already been found but...

    When i move from say messages to home screen or a an app to home again i get a loading screen for like 5sec, sometimes 8!

    Is this a know issues + does the new patch rolling out fix this problem?

    Apart from this, everything else works great but it's annoying me a lot, starting to feel like going to the dark side, iphone!

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  2. LHR

    LHR Newbie

    You can find more information on your issue in this post. The gist of it is that Sense is crashing.

    An update was released that seems to have fixed the issue. I don't know if branded handsets are getting updates but I have an unbranded phone with the update installed and my Sense hasn't crashed since.

    Other users have reported the same -- see that thread.
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  3. rupeshd18

    rupeshd18 Lurker

    Hi Guys,

    I purchased HTC one X and was happy to use it for next 2 days. Why 2 days because later it started giving trouble while loading screen for long time. Whenever I used to press home screen, one X started performing as good as half core processor instead of quad core processor :)

    Later I tried to search some options in setting and found one option under developer option. Don't keep activities option was enabled. This option was killing HTC sense process immediately whenever I used to press home screen and screen again refreshes process which used to take a long.

    If you are also facing same issue, try to disable this option under developer option and restart HTC one X. Problem should be resolved. (Note: Remove fast boot option before restarting HTC one X)

    All the best !!!!

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  4. qazwsxedc

    qazwsxedc Lurker

    Hey I'm having the same problem too but the 'Don't keep activities option' was already disabled. Are there any other solutions to this?
  5. F1ossy

    F1ossy Lurker

    Hey thanks mate that seems to have worked! I just got my HTC One X last week and the loading when I press home has been driving mental. Im brand new to Android from iPhone and was seriously about to turn back.
    Feel like I can continue my venture forth to explore this awesome customizable device, THANKS!
  6. pashaj92

    pashaj92 Lurker

    Thanks, worked for me. Very helpful.
  7. JamesAusten

    JamesAusten Lurker

    Thanks! I've actually had this happen to a few months ago and I turned off the developer option and it fixed it.

    The issue came back a couple of days ago and turning the developer option off didn't help, I had to disable fast boot - thanks!
  8. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    yup, disabling fastboot tends to give the user more RAM and make the phone more stable. And if don't keep activities was on, the phone would purposefully kill of the sense launcher every time you left it... of course, i'm not using the sense launcher anymore, but that's how it was when i did.

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