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HTC One X or Razr Maxx. Why?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by pmerandi, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. pmerandi

    pmerandi Lurker
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    Hi All,

    Before I pose my question let me say that yes I know both the HOX and Razr Maxx are both on different carriers. My current phone is on AT&T. However the contract is coming to an end Sept. 12th, and I need a few questions answered.

    1. Other than a better battery and possible phone reception why would I want to choose the Razr Maxx? Also with all the reported issues that people have been having with the new ICS upgrade why would that be something that I would want to push through with and deal with?

    2. With the HTC One X having a larger screen, better camera, a some what smoother user interface and a quicker processor what reason would I have to not stay with AT&T and choose this phone.

    3. I currently have an IPhone 4 16gb, so expanding my storage is not much of a concern.

    Any further comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


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  2. Obviously Go with the RAZR Maxx. i Currently own the Razr maxx and The most time i got without a Charge was a Full 5 Days. Till i had to Charge it.. Unbelievable right? Well Cause i dont use it much.. But i tend to Play Dead Trigger from 40% down to 10% (warning pops up showing battery low) And it Lasted a Good 3 Hours with 4G Off and Wifi also.. Just Gaming..

    The One X Looks good But its Your Decision And Yeah Ditch The iPhone Its User Interface hasent changed at all since it launched in 2007.
  3. SarcaGuy

    SarcaGuy Newbie


    I would go with the One X+ when it comes out. Quad Core Tegra 3 with better battery life.

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