Jul 29, 2010
I am using GV 0.9. Good Rom. Loving it. But I cant seem to be able use to HTC Sync with GV. I always have my contacts and calendar on my computer. Dont like to save it as gmail contacts or calendar. Is there any other way to copy the contacts to phone? My backup pro and Titanium both are of no help as they cant seem to restore the contacts or calendar.

Any thoughts, suggestions help?
I don't think you can use HTC sync with this ROM. All my contacts and calender events are google, which makes syncing them to the phone very easy.

Not sure what else you can do - did you backup with mybackup pro before you installed GV?
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I did back up. But I keep getting "null" for calendar and incompatible for contacts. Even then, I wont be able to keep my pc in sync with my phone. Previously I used to connect my phone to computer once a week to make sure I have backed up the contacts and calendar. I need to find a way around now.
does anyone know how i could delete all contacts (restored via contact app) at once?