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[HTC] What does the Future Hold for the EVO name?

Discussion in 'HTC' started by RichboyJhae, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Dec 31, 2009

    Dec 31, 2009
    With the phone game updating so frequently nowadays, what features do you hope for/expect for the next time around for the EVO? HTC has been somewhat quiet with their future line up as opposed to Motorola and Samsung(With the exception of the Rezound), so I'm curious as to how you guys think the next big HTC-Sprint phone will rEVOlutionize the phone world.

    Personally, I'll be looking forward to twin 8 MP cameras on the back for 3D. I'm actually not saying this just because I think the MPs need to be bigger, but there's an obvious camera difference when it comes to the EVO 3D, and the Sensation/Amaze 4G/Mytouch Slide's Cameras. I'd also like 1080 recording for 2D and 3D.

    A 1280x720 "Super LCD" screen would be beautiful as well. I've always preferred the "Super LCD" line over the Super AMOLED(They look too saturated and unreal IMO). If the phone runs ICS natively, I'd expect possibly a 4.7-5 inch screen, with no hardware buttons on the front.

    Speaking of ICS, I'm really excited to see what HTC will overlay on it(assuming Google lets them do this). I've always preferred sense to Vanilla android, and with all the new features of ICS, I'm highly anticipating what HTC will do with it.

    In regards to the processor, if the Quad cores don't reach the General public around next summer I'll expect a 1.5-2 gHz dual core. I'd however love to see a 1 ghz Quad core in the phone, with the next line of the Adreno series.

    Lastly A KICKSTAND. This was obviously a feature many EVO users sad to see go away, especially since they scrapped the officially HTC kickstand case. I think they could arrange the phone so the cameras are situated a bit higher, allowing the battery to be higher, allowing more space for a kickstand.

    Other things include more internal memory(64 GB anyone?), along with the choice of a removable MicroSD(I've been seeing too many manufactures skimp on this).

    What are your thoughts on our next EVO?


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