HTC wired tether not working on Legend


Anyone get the stock HTC tethering function to work?

I installed the latest sync software from HTC, and my phone works great with sync and SD card up/download.

But when I want to connect my computer to the internet via the phone I turn on network sharing and see the phone listed in network connections but it just says "acquiring network address" forever and i dont seem to be able to connect.

I'm on an unbranded legend bought and used in Taiwan, unlimited 3G, Windows xp sp3.

Any help would be awesome!
I got it to work fine with my laptop
But I am running xubuntu linux, All I did was connect my phone and select tethering from the window that pops up when you plug in the usb, And I was connected.

I did try getting tether to work on xp, But did not manage to get it working.
I am willing to bet that windows 7 is just as easy to setup as linux was.


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Makes me wish I hadn't given up on getting ubuntu to work on my laptop a few years back... and a year back... and six months back haha damn thing hated my Dell. I dont dare try W7 on it.

No one else has any experiences to share?