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[INFO]GT-I5503 multitouch in Froyo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by qoumi, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. qoumi

    qoumi Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I apologize if this info repost
    if you like my post, I do not reject the GRP

    sorry for my bad english..

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  2. loop4444

    loop4444 Newbie

    wait wait ..so this means it is CONFIRMED we get froyo,and also a multitouch???
    ZOMG! :D
  3. qoumi

    qoumi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    betul sekali :)

    i mean yes, gt-i5503 up to froyo and multitouchable ;)
  4. loop4444

    loop4444 Newbie

    awesome :D
  5. do you have a exact date when will froyo become available?hehehe
  6. shoebshaikh

    shoebshaikh Lurker

    just waiting so eagerly for the update ..
  7. But i have entered with a bad news that is galaxy 5 cannot be upgraded to froyo 2.2, and I to have galaxy 5 and had a setback to, as I emailed to Samsung and the reply was
    Dear Suraj
    Welcome to Samsung India Electronics Pvt . Ltd . We
    thankyou for your
    interest/valuable _feedback . Please find hereafter , our
    response. Your
    Transaction no . is 2005551215. Please quote this
    referencein all
    subsequent communications.
    -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- --
    Thank you for taking interest in Samsung products
    and services.
    Samsung Galaxy 5 handset is based on Android 2 .1
    only which is not upgradable upto 2. 2
    For further assistance contact Samsung Customer
    Thanking you and assuring best services always.
    -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- -- --- --
    You are receiving this e- mail because you have
    previously made an
    enquiry about Samsung India through our Web-
    Please do not reply to this mail as it is an automated
    email and cannot
    be responded to.
    If you wish to send feedback or queries to
    Samsung_Electronics , please
    send a new e -mail or contact us at: Samsung India
    Electronics Pvt. Ltd
    Customer Contact Center Call Toll Free : 1800 110011
    (From MTNL/ BSNL )
    Call Reliance No : 3030 8282 ( please prefix std code)
    Home Page : http:/ /www .samsung . com/ in
    Best Regards ,
  8. picaso55

    picaso55 Lurker

    OMG will it really support multitouch !?
    i'll wait you froyo till the end of my life
  9. chaitanyakaul

    chaitanyakaul Lurker

    Froyo update AKA android 2.2 has been leaked by the guys here at samfirmware.com... It would be out for both GALAXY 5 and GALAXY 3 officially within a few days....Cheers!!
  10. loop4444

    loop4444 Newbie

    ..and i have it on my g5 and theres no multitouch. but works and looks awesome.
  11. newtron_b1

    newtron_b1 Lurker

    guyz please confirm this.. is samsung gonna launch froyo update to galaxy i5503/i5500?? i m so much confused..!
  12. loop4444

    loop4444 Newbie

    its already out.
  13. newtron_b1

    newtron_b1 Lurker

    When we gonna get it officially via Kies?? i m waiting in india?? will it start multitouch of galaxy 5??
  14. kampoon

    kampoon Lurker

    time wait for no men .....you have an option to reflash it yourself and enjoy the froyo
  15. kanded

    kanded Lurker

    my samsung galaxy 5 now is froyo. but its not multitouch. should it be multitouch if we upgrade officially via kies ?
  16. viswa.stvv

    viswa.stvv Lurker

    When it would be available for I5503 in India
  17. r1234

    r1234 Lurker

  18. r1234

    r1234 Lurker

  19. hari.cool

    hari.cool Lurker

    so we r gting froyo atlast (via kies)?:D:D
  20. stitchiyalo

    stitchiyalo Lurker

    sorry to burst your bubble but i am running froyo on my gt i5500/03 and its not multi touchable
  21. mebin

    mebin Lurker

    install cyanogenmod 7 it has android 2.3.5 gingerbread

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