Help Installing Vpad7 in a car



I'm trying to instal the Vpad7 in a car, but all car chargers I tested are slowers than battery decrease. Even, I bought one 5V/2A output -like wall charger output-, but it is still slow

I see the original wall charger has a not standard mini-USB plug (it has more pins), and I suppose that's the reason for this problem.

So, anyone has a car charger that works with Viewpad7 tablet?

Thanks a lot.


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I answer myself.

The mini-USB plug is a 10 pin plug. There is a pinout little picture on the original wall charger.


Why not use a power inverter? You can get them that plug into the cigarette lighter and give enough power to run a laptop or even a TV. So just plug your regular wall charger into the inverter and the inverter into your cigarette lighter. Should be more than enough power.