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Is the Atrix worth it if you aren't going to buy the Dock?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ANGENECK, Feb 8, 2011.


    ANGENECK Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello my Driod friends. Im within a month of making a switch from a base phone to an Andriod device. I've been comparing phones for the past month and have come to a snag. I understand that this is going to be a multi-year investment so I want to make the right decision. The phone I want-Driod Bionic-comes out way to late. So that leaves the devices that are slated to come out by the end of March. The buzz around the Atrix is amazing, but is it earned? Yes I understand that it comes with a Duel Core Processor, but outside of that what are we getting? That is the only spec I've noticed that sets it apart from the other phones that are slated to be released. The camera is below the 8 megapixel norm, as is the small 4 inch screen size and display. So is all the hype just because it has a dock? Educate me please, what am I missing. I plan on utilizing the phone I get to its probable capabilities thru reading your posts on customization. I spend a lot of time on the net, by a lot, I mean more than anyone I know. What do you recommend. The LG Optimus is out of the question because I refuse to go back to sprint. I liked what I saw out of the Xperia. The Thunderbolt seems like just the bigger brother of the Evo, thats fine, but not when its more gifted cousins are coming out.

    Also, why the hell is Motorola releasing the Xoom on Verizon but yet the Atrix on AT & T. I wanted to eventually get a combo of a smartphone and its tablet brother. But thats out of the question now.

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  2. DT

    DT Android Expert

    It's just a very competent device all around, with a few excellent, standout attributes like the qHD display (960x540), massive battery, HDMI out, fingerprint reader, dual core Tegra CPU and of course, like you mentioned, the dock options.

    4" is a great display size, and obviously a specific design goal since larger displays are available. 4" at the qHD gives it ~275 PPI which will be excellent for text. A 5MP camera on the sensor sizes usually implemented in a phone will be more than enough.

    I don't think we're going to see any phone that leaps ahead an order-of-magnitude in terms of performance or specs, this is just the next incremental update that appears to do some things as well as other phones, some things better and has the potential to be much quicker (depending on how the OS/Moto/AT&T pan out).

    The notebook dock is a notable new model for phones, though I think the phone is pretty outstanding without considering it.

    ANGENECK Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How will it perform on AT & T? I hear people having trouble with dropped calls but thats the Iphone. I envision a lot of people here getting it so the plus will be that I will have a lot of help with troubleshooting and other issues. What's your take on Tablets, is it an unnecessary luxury good due to our smart phones being almost as capable and laptops still being more powerful?
  4. DT

    DT Android Expert

    AT&T and Verizon are geographically sensitive, so it's really a YMMV situation. Everywhere I go in my regular casual and business travel, AT&T is pretty solid (Jacksonville, DC, Pittsburgh and all in between). Funny enough, the signal here at the home/office is kind of crappy :D

    I think there's a big hit on usability with phones. After being exposed to an iPad (and having used a couple of gens of iPhones and my Captivate), I've got to say, the tablet experience is much better, and pushes the device model much closer to a PC.

    I've got to ride on Uncle Stevie's sack too and agree with him: I think 7" and smaller tabs just close in on the phone experience too much, and the big change in usability comes with 9-10"+ sized tablet devices.

    We'll eventually add on on this end, heck, the wife is using her iP4 for all sorts of chores around the house like running the HTPC with Mobile Mouse, web/email, reading books via Kindle, etc.

    For casual use, I'd always pick it up over any of our laptops.
  5. knappkd

    knappkd Well-Known Member

    The xoom will be sold by AT&T later this year.

    AT&T Plans to Sell Motorola’s iPad Competitor the Xoom | PadGadget
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  6. youareme7

    youareme7 Well-Known Member

    I know this is all off thread but the the xoom part isn't even the coolest part of the link; (well, actually, it's the link to All things Digital which I found in your link) the coolest part is that the higher ups at AT&T are considering a "pool plan" for multiple devices, where you pay once for data and have access on more than one piece of hardware. That would be effin awesome!


    That part of the text is almost the very bottom, by the way.
  7. sarstube

    sarstube Member

    longtime iphone user and shortime captivate user. the voice network experience was the exact same. i lived in dallas not long ago (att's hq, btw) and i would frequently drop calls in the same spot for both phones. It was presumably during a hand-off from one tower to the next, or some focalized deadspot, but i could literally countdown to the moment the phone would drop the call. all that being said, i do not experience a great amount of dropped calls ( i don't spend hours on the phone however).

    oddly though, web surfing on captivate killed my iphone 3g and narrowly beat out my iphone4. I also put it on par with evo on wimax. actual dl speed may vary but that was my consistent web experience.
  8. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    I think its worth it without the dock. A bump up in screen specs, Ram specs, cpu/gpu specs, HDMI mirroring.

    Its like any other newcoming phone that has updated specs.

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