Is there a good WinMo to Android thread?



I am really psyched about going from a Treo Pro to an Evo. I realize this is probably asked alot, but after a number of searches, I still cant find what I am looking for. Is there a commonly reffered thread that is for people coming from WM to Android? I have a ton of questions about substitute programs & am not sure where to ask.

Really cant wait for the Evo!!



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i thought i saw a thread, but if you cant find could always just ask in this thread lol. There are plenty of people that came from winmo to android, including myself. I have had winmo for years...since the ppc 6700....i made the switch a few months back and went to the hero.

best choice i ever made. what things are you looking for?


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The best thing I can tell you is to stick with it for at least a week once you switch. I started out with a Palm 600 and used several other PalmOS phones before moving to my first Windows Mobile phone (Treo 700wx). I seriously contemplated moving back to my PalmOS phone because it was so much easier (or so I thought). I hated that 700wx for the first few days, but within a week, I got pretty good at it and loved it. I have a feeling the transition to Android won’t be such a shock, but I will be irritated with it some I suspect until I get familiar with it.

There is an Android Apps section you may look at if you are trying to find an Android counterpart to your Windows Mobile apps.