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issues on the xyboard 10.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by romanakanoodlez, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. romanakanoodlez

    Thread Starter

    Has anyone experienced or know how to fix an issue with the xyboard 10.1 in the marketplace? when in the market the apps or games flicker and flash at you, It appears to be software related, I am a verizon employee so i tested two other xyboard 10.1's and they both had the exact same issues. also when scrolling through pages on the home screen, if you look at the clock widget there is a line of white pixels through the center while scrolling. It is the exact same issues on all three of the tablets, i contacted motorola and there were clueless to the issue (imagine that). please let me know if you guys know of anything. Thanks

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  2. Q857

    Q857 Lurker

    I have the UK Xoom, and yes the flicker does initially annoy, but this appears to be due to a stagger in loading information. It stops once all has been loaded.
    What is annoying is the lack of USB hosting, slow charging and finger prints on the screen. You finding this too?
  3. clover16

    clover16 Lurker

    Oh employee of Verizon... technical bulletins are provided by your company. I would definately check there. :) It is a software issue that will be addressed in the next software update.
  4. romanakanoodlez

    Thread Starter

    actually there is no technical bulletin about software issues. we have bulletins about new phone releases and prices etc. lol i would have prolly known the answer if we had such a bulletin in our retail stores. thanks for the suggestion though.
  5. Liamo_210

    Liamo_210 Android Expert

    ye the apps flicker in the market-place on my xoom 2. How long does yours take to charge?? after 7 hours mine only reached 90% but i was using it while it was charging.
  6. romanakanoodlez

    Thread Starter

    they do take a while to charge completely but the battery isnt really that bad. Depending on your brightness and what charger and stuff you are using could make it take a while longer to charge. i wish motorola would push out an update to address the issue. What i have been doing and telling customers to do is is get on motorolas website and talk to tech support and let them know the issues. they can open trouble tickets and if enought people are complaining and contacting them, will will have our issues with the flickering, and the freezing fixed with an ota update.
  7. Desfletc

    Desfletc Lurker

    i dont think fingure prints on the screen is an issue, ALL touchscreen tablets are going to have them, YES even the ipad2 get them, mine did flicker but not any more, USB hosting ????? i use a micro usb to usb cable and have been able to use any usb memory stick THATS FORMATED TO FAT32, same with using a SD card reader, as long as the SD cards have been formated to FAT32 theres no problems

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