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    I apologize if this is a very newbie question to ask, but I didn't see it addressed anywhere else and I'm not savvy enough to know own my own...

    When Jelly Bean is finally sent out to the Galaxy Nexus and other devices, will there be a way to flash a ROM of it onto my Galaxy Note? Sort of like how I could get ICS right now? I'm not currently rooted, but would definitely do so if it meant getting JB. After seeing the Siri-like (but better) Google Search, I'm dying to have it.

    What's completely sick, twisted, demented and ironic is that I left Verizon and my Galaxy Nexus to come to AT&T for the Note. I love the device, but am flabbergasted that I've yet to receive ICS, while my old phone is about to get JellyBean. I'm heart broken....


  2. johnb41

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    Personally I doubt JB will come to the Note (version 1)... we're still waiting for ICS, there is no way we'll get JB.

    You can get ICS now if you don't want to wait... search the forums for the official ICS "leak". You don't need to root for that. Or, you can root and get any of a selection of ICS ROMS.

    I think in time (hopefully not too long), JB ROMs will be available. I think that is our only hope for JB on the Note.
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    You are probably right that we won't see an official version, but we will see it. Custom ROM DEV's are already working on what they have and when the Source drops, there will be a CM10. Now, will there be an official CM10 for the note, who knows.

    My only worry is that we'll have to go AOSP for JB and not have more of a stock feel with TouchWiz and SPen apps.

    We'll just have to wait and see. I'd tell ya know, but my Crystal Ball is being polished. ;) LOL! :D

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