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Hi, anyone want a job?

I represent Rubicon Development, a small but successful indie studio located on the Isle of Wight in the UK. We've got big plans for next year, building on success stories such as Great Little War Game.

We are looking for someone to come and join us in our Studio on the Isle of Wight. We will cover all reasonable relocation expenses and any costs associated with attending an interview, within reason. No lear jets please!

There are currently 3 guys permanently in the office with several trusted contractors on retainer. In other words, we're truly small and offer a working atmosphere that benefits from it. No HR departments here.

We're looking for someone at any level of experience as long as you tick the proviso's below. We're happy to train newer devs or pay properly for top drawer experts.

Skills we absolutely must see. Please don't apply without them:

1) A published game on Android. It need not be anything epic, as long as you wrote the code and did all the icky bits to get a game onto Android Market.

2) Have done the above using the NDK with all the baggage that that entails. We write our games in "C with classes" and put the minimal amount of platform dependent code into the game source - we have our own unity-alike engine to help with that. This is mainly because our games go out on other formats such as iOS and PC. (And PS Vita).

3) At least a basic knowledge of 3D, even if that means just being a unity user - we don't want a 3D engine guru, just someone who knows the ropes wrt writing 3D games and won't be phased by it.

Bonus features that will help your cause but aren't a strict requirement:

1) Similar level of experience or knowledge of iOS and/or DirectX 9 (or anything else)

2) Have worked full time in the game industry before.

3) Not be a language Nazi. We don't use any advanced language features, and STL is banned, etc.

What you get in return:

1) Starting salary commensurate with experience and with no upper cap. You progress as we do.

2) Other spot bonuses awarded at our discretion, but unlike most other firms' claims, they do actually happen!

3) About the most laid back and friendly work environment imagineable. Be dilligent and get results and you will feel like you work for yourself.

4) Vacation time only limited by how busy we are. We expect guys to take about 5 weeks off a year, but we've all had more than that at one time or another.

Please inquire directly to me via if you wish to know more.

We are absolutely not interested in freelance or contractor enquiries. This is a full-time salaried, in-house position only.