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Just Traded in my iPhone 4 and played with the Droid X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kazrell, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Kazrell

    Kazrell Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 14, 2010
    Finance Director
    White Plains
    So in preparation for the X I traded back my iPhone 4 at the Apple store. I originally had a iPhone 3G. I was a bit surprised that they pressed me for reasons why I was turning it back in (see prior post from me) and I just didn't feel like complaining knowing it wasn't going to amount to much. It took about a 1/2 hour for them to reconnect my old iPhone then I went into the Verizon store which was on the same floor in the Mall I was in.

    To my surprise they let me play with the phone for about 1/2 hour and I wound up showing a potential buyer some of the great features I had already knew from being on the Android Forum site. Since only one other person was in this small Verizon store I wound up playing with it for a bit longer before I had to go. So here are my quick impressions:

    The phone is big but manageable for me and my hands. The screens and icons were very responsive. Without the phone being connected to WIFI it was quickly able to load a couple of sites I went to like ESPN and Engadget, much quicker than I expected on 3G. The typing experience on the large screen was impressive - the blackberry user I was convincing to upgrade to the X was very impressed from using her blackberry all these years. The device felt solidly built and rugged. I felt like if I dropped it, it wouldn't fall to pieces. I took a quick video with the X of people behind the counter and such, and played it back. It was good, but not nearly as crisp as the iPhone 4's video recorder/player. I think that may be the difference between the 24 and 30 fps in each device. Speaking of comparatives - I never thought about the difference between the iPhone 4's Retina display when using the X. I mean there are plenty of blogs about the differences, but using the X didn't make me feel like I was missing much in screen resolution.

    In closing, it was an absolute joy to use for the 45 minutes I was in there. I didn't do much with it, a couple of sites, resizing pages, playing with the different home screens and the video I took. It made me so secure in turning in my iPhone 4 that I almost wished I had never brought the iPhone 4. But then again, this whole elaborate process is to my benefit of appreciating the X.


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  2. DROIDdidME

    DROIDdidME Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2010
    Good review...I think you'll really enjoy the X and all Android has to offer! Welcome to the site and the dark side :)
  3. damstr

    damstr Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2010
    Nice! I was also tired of the Apple OS. New hardware with old software doesn't do it for me.
  4. bmxmike

    bmxmike Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    Ramp Agent
    Hate the software, most droid phones are superior to iPhone and if all the apps moved to android and were avaliable on both systems I think Android would win out the only thing iPhone really has over the Droid is a good media managment system in iTunes if something like that was/is developed for the Droid to make it simply stupid for non-tech savy users android would probably take off more cause iPhone has some more stupid user features than android.
  5. Travisimo

    Travisimo Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2010
    I'm going to get the droid x on launch day and use it alongside my iPhone 4 for several days before i have to decide which one to keep! I'm pretty fed up with AT&T so unless the x totally disappoints, i'm definitely leaning towards it.

    As for media, I'll just keep my old deactivated 3GS for that. I listen to podcasts and music at work for several hours per night and this way i can still use the iTunes interface for media and keep my droid battery alive.
  6. Roxors

    Roxors Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2010
    Where i am told
    if i had an iphone i would totally switch just for the simple reason of how much more open Android is. hell Apple is so stuck up they won't even consider letting flash go onto their stuff... but that is just me
  7. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Apr 8, 2010
    NYU Student & Real Estate Agent
    Manhattan, NY
    Aside from the battery issue, there is an app in the Marketplace where you can download a MP3 player with the iPod Touch interface.
  8. wreed

    wreed Active Member

    May 13, 2010
    returned my iphone 4 last week. I will be getting a Droid x on the 17th because I have to wait for my crappy at&t contract to run out heh.
  9. dinosaur1

    dinosaur1 Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2010
    What is the name of the app that has the iPod touch interface? I also returned my iPhone 4 two weeks ago. Got a Droid. Waiting for the X now.
  10. verdegallardo

    verdegallardo Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2010

    bTunes - Home

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