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K1 Reviews?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ouch1976, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've had the K1 for two days now and everything has been great. I've had no freezes, glitches, random reboots, etc. I'm really happy with the device, but I can't help but feel that the K1 gets alot of lousy reviews. Am I reading too much into the reviews? Or do people just complain about every Android Tablet that isn't a Galaxy?

    I really like the build quality, form factor, and feel of the device. I think it should be flying off the shelves, especially at such a competitive price point, but it doesn't seem to be such a hot seller? Any thoughts?

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  2. StickShift

    StickShift Lurker

    I do not own any other tablet (some other luckier does) to compare, but so far I like it. The screen brightness is not as bright as the IPad, but I could use $200 for a nice dine out (I got my K1 only $299 no tax, no shipping cost). I consider this toy with Android 3.2/4.0 is just like my XT computer with Windows 95 back then, it serves as the learning tool to get acquaint to the Android OS. I do not like closed architecture like IPad, with Android you can attach more hardware (SD memory, video, USB etc..) with a reasonable cost - anything for IPad with an Ixxxx would cost a bundle.
  3. rurocking

    rurocking Newbie

    I have found some good reviews, but I don't pay much attention to reviews. I usually focus on the part where they describe the features of the item they are reviewing. All person I a favorite item from a group that they like best and they will always compare others to that item, that makes them very impartial.

    I am very please with the tablet and I don't see how much different any of the others would be than this one. Lenovo products have always been excellent and that was why I picked this one, and the price sure helped.
  4. technicalguy

    technicalguy Newbie

    Well let me say for the record that in Vancouver, Canada and Calgary Alberta, the Ideapad K1 is completely sold out. I bought what I suspect may be the last one by asking in the BestBuy store and they had one under the counter.
    For $300 it's very responsive - more so than the Galaxy Tab. I've written a review at techsupport.foreverwarm.com if you're interested and will be writing help and support documents as I learn more about this device.
    For the price point, this is a great device!
  5. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    First, I want to welcome technicalguy to AF and congrats on picking up the K1. I've had the device for a few months now and as you can tell from my posts, I'm happy with the tablet for the money I spent. I would say that a tablet is not a life changing device, but it's a fun toy to have. It's definitely more convenient than a laptop with virtually all the functionality. I have found myself turning on the laptop less and less since I bought the K1. In fact, the only reason that I've used my laptop at length instead of the K1 was to do my taxes. Other than that, I'm all about the K1.

    In regards to the K1 selling out in Best Buy, I'm not sure if that is really meaningful. It isn't even sold in Best Buy locations by me. In fact, I haven't seen it in any physical stores around me. I bought mine online, as I assume most people in the US have.

    I think a good reference point is the amount of threads/posts under each tablet category at AF. The K1 is definitely one of the least talked about devices, as opposed to the Galaxy or Transformer/Prime.

    Nevertheless, I'm happy with my purchase. I think the K1 is a cool device and serves its purposes well. I look forward to exchanging ideas/tips in the future.
  6. puicheng

    puicheng Lurker

    Learn about their support on the Lenovo forum and you might not be so happy.
  7. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Please explain your comments further...
  8. technicalguy

    technicalguy Newbie

    I'm liking this tablet more and more. I now have a page with the bookmark widget, the calendar widget, and the tasks widget. It fills the page and makes for a quick glimpse - perfect for productivity.
    If you go Android (on ANY device) it just makes sense to embrace the Google environment. Calendar/Mail/Tasks work and display nicely on the K1. It has become a nice *instant on* productivity tool.
  9. Shengxin

    Shengxin Well-Known Member

    I also like my 32GB Lenovo K1 a lot. I bought it last Christmas from Bestbuy at the sale price $299. Before I bought it, I read a lot of reviews comparing with other products. I found it is very competitive considering quality and price.

    I am very happy with my decision. For the last three months, it works like a charm. I connected it with my Google account and found it very convenient. I am surprised with its multiple language support feature. It is so amazing (maybe this attributes to Android instead of Lenovo)! And I like its voice recognition and hand-writing recognition.

    I also developed my first Android app "Secret Locker" (a program to protect personal photos and videos on the personal device) on it and found it is very easy to connect my laptop with the tablet.

    In summary, I'd like to recommend this product.


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